Things that need to be addressed to make infinite great

Radar- radar is very inconsistent, the range is to short, the ping should be removed and feedback from the radar should have no latency

Grenades- The blast radius for the grenades is WAY to big and needs to be toned down by 30-50%, because of this I get killed by a nade 10ft away, players also like to spam grenades

Ravager-needs a buff for regular shot, should be 2 bursts for a kill instead of 3

Stalker rifle- needs a buff , should be 2 shots to the head and 3 to the body

Plasma pistol - needs a buff to tracking, extremely weak tracking on Spartans and because of the vehicle emp effect removal there is no use for it right now

AR- needs a nerf to range, many engagements people are sniping with it, which many times leaves no place for the optimal range of the sidekick

Hydra- needs a buff to damage, four shots should be 2-3, sure you lock on faster but the hydra nerf is to strong even for the pacing of infinite

Armor coatings and armor cores- need to be removed, it only unnecessarily limits players freedom with customization

Progression system- needs to be 100 instead of 50xp per game and bonus xp for wins and performance

Content: I don’t know if this is all the content for multiplayer or if they are holding off till launch but if not there really needs to be more maps, game modes , and the ability to select the modes

Launch site: way to big for a 4v4,gameplay is inconsistent with only 4 players since thats not enough to cover the map

Big team battle: fireteam should be your squad as of now it’s random teammates, it sucks to have a team and the are not in your squad making them highlighted , it just makes it harder to locate your fireteam

Microtransactions: they need to remove coatings give players freedom to select what colors they want, I guess the hcs coatings are fine, since they are a little unique and they probably will not return credits to those who bought it. They would make WAY more MONEY if they just copied the system from modern warfare, you can earn some stuff, you can get stuff exclusively from the battle pass, and you can get stuff exclusively from the shop, but they should sell unique things that are worth buying. Example could be 15 dollars for a set of cool armor with little things like a charm, emblem, kill effect, and A.I that fit the theme. The system is only going to cause hate and discourage player from playing as simple elements of enjoyment are limited and behind pay walls.

Unfortunately I dont think they will get rid of coatings at this point. the best case scenario is that they revert to allowing primary and secondary freedom with the coating being patterns or something to that effect. They would have to refund quite A LOT of purchases that people have made though given that people have bought what is essentially a white armor skin.

Hydra and rocket hog both feel like i’m shooting rocks at people rather than rockets even though they do serious damage to vehicles.

The other weapon stuff sounds logical, but I havent encountered enough frustration to care too much about weapon balancing at this point

I dont really think the AR need a workout: it is realiable and a good starting point for any battle without exceding too much (like what happen with BR start in H3)

And the Hydra is not a “Power weapon” anymore, which works great in BTB because is a nice counter to vehicles. I miss the OP power of it in H5, but Im willing to sacrifice it so we can have counter options (not too op of course) for air vehicles