Things that need to be added to the halo infinite

Theres a lot i could go about when it comes to making infinite better. I think Its pretty well understood that is completely untapped potential. having said that what would you guys add to halo?

I’d widen customization, and the weapon and vehicle sandbox. New maps could be cool but with forge even in beta stage, i think the community got it handled.

Def would be cool to see some classic armors like the halo 3 mk6 and halo wars mk4 as cores, playable elites, i also saw a rumor brutes are in the works (big if true). I do like the fractures armors, both actually and in concept. adds something extra we hadn’t seen before.

for weapons, i think some variants of existing weapons, classic shotgun, different versions of handgun, and maybe seeing that old reach Lmg concept finally implemented.

and vehicles, I could go on forever. add the halo wars Hawk as replacement/similar type of air unit for the phaeton, we havent seen it since the og hw and if nothing else, could be left out of mm but usable in forge or social modes. i also think crew based vehicles are also a long overdue think for halos sandbox. pelicans and phantoms and a return of the elephant to name the obvious. pilot seat accessible by walking in and open walking space inside with normal crew gunner placements and nose gun for the pilot.

And for an new concept, vehicles that require multiple teammates to fully run the vehicle with all its weapons, like the vulture, or new condor gunship. they could expand from the concept of having a large open space and pilot seats accessible only by walking inside. like for the vulture two pilots, one to fly and one to run the rockets and guns so you’d need. and the condor could have one pilot flys and mans the main slow firing railgun and crew seats inside to control the peripheral turret machine guns. Such powerful vehicles would of course need ways to counter them. and so we add the plasma rhino (we already saw the Hannibal scorpion, basically that). idk if the gauss hog is in, i dont think it is, if not it should be cuz how can it not be?

those last ones are probably too out there, but i think they could be fun for some forge customs or btb. Especially considering they said they plan to have forge be at the point where we can make pve modes and enemies.

for campaign, dlc of course, but like if they could just add a skull that lets me use my custom spartan in campain as a skin that would be pretty cool especially since we got up to for master chiefs running around at the same time again.

I also dont have much hope for seeing dual wielding return to halo since 343 seems to not want it, not sure why, it was wacky and fun and the plasma pistol need its emp back. There was no reason to get scrap those things.