Things that need to be added to halo infinite

This is my compiled list of just everything that needs to be added to halo infinite for it to be remotely on par with any previous halo. A lot of these should be added relatively soon as well to make any sort of impact.

  1. Red vs Blue toggle or a toggle to have color vs color not just outlines.

  2. Cross core customization, with how little armor we have there is no need to have even more limitations added on top of it. (Yes I know they say it’s this way because of clipping but armor already clips in their respective cores so that argument just falls on deaf ears)

  3. Add multiple attachments to armor pieces especially helmets. We had it in reach where there was a compiled attachment option, let us have it here but even better. There is less than no reason to have it limited to 1 attachment for a helmet.

  4. Actual armor rewards for playing the game. There no armor in the campaign. There’s no way to earn credits to buy anything in the store. There’s a store which limits literally EVERYTHING customization wise. The battle bass is worse than mcc but it should be better than mcc and on top of that it is paid and not free like mcc. Even if you do buy the battle pass it’s barely half of the halo reach content that was promised. All of this is just plain bad and we need multiple different avenues to earn the armor that should be just free.

Leave all the paid crap to weird attachments, weapon skins, charms, ai, etc etc. Armor shouldn’t be paid for in halo period.

Honestly halo 5 even had it better with req packs. At least I could earn everything albeit randomized.

  1. Better progression more along the lines of mcc and halo reach. Ranks, credits, commendations, and so much more should be all included. Why this isn’t in the game already is beyond comprehension.

  2. A service record like mcc. Why this isn’t in the game is also beyond comprehension.

  3. More weapons. The weapon sandbox is small and lacking in many areas. Give us more fun stuff to use.

  4. Better feeling for aiming. Feels pretty garbage compared to any other halo, fix it.

  5. Bigger reticles (or at least an option to size it). I don’t know if it’s just me but the reticles are way small compared to other halo.

  6. Better custom games options. Right now custom games is super neutered in terms of options. Give us more options and better ones.

  7. Firefight type gamemodes. Seriously are we going to have to wait like a year to get something remotely close to this. That’s not a good thing at all.

  8. More gamemodes in general. Race, headhunter, king of the hill, INFECTION, and so much more should have been in the game at launch. Literally second numero uno we should’ve had all of these.

  9. Better emblems. We should just have what we have in halo 3 and reach. These nameplate things are not even remotely close to being able to customize the emblem yourself with the colors you choose. Hell we even had nameplates in mcc. Just monetize those if you really need to and let us, like mcc, make our own emblems.

  10. Better armor colors. We should be able to choose our colors; no if ands or buts we should be able to choose. 343 can monetize the gradients and shines of the armor that’s…reasonable? Not really but it’s better. Just let us choose primary, secondary and tertiary. I’m tired of being straight yellow, my colors have been white and yellow since I started playing halo over a decade ago so these limitations are quite frankly insulting. I shouldn’t have to pay 10-20$ for my original 2 colors. Like seriously, 2 colors for 20 full dollars, a joke.

  11. Custom games browser and forge. I know these are coming but the fact that we have to wait about 9 months for something that should’ve been here at launch is just plain awful.

  12. A turn off for crossplay. I DO NOT want to play with pc players. That is all.

Honestly this could go on longer but I think that is enough for now. 343, please, listen to the people that actually play your game. Stop spitting in our face with monetization and lack of acknowledgment of our woes.


Things that needed to be added to infinite: Everything and a kitchen sink.

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Yes I agree completely this is unacceptable we were promised deep customization and we get handed this garbage

Guass warthog, more BTB maps, Forge, Custom game types. A well functioning multiplayer, repeatable campaign, Free armor unlocks (at least for the stuff we had in the past) , Larger store front (along with lower prices i agree some of the prices are too high… a smaller store would help spread out the lower prices and May just MAy through the ‘economies of scale’ principle bring more money… GRIFFBALLL!! (And assault mode)

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Don’t forget some of the older equipment. That stuff adds more variety to the sandbox.

I mean as cool as it would be for nostalgia purposes, the reality is that a lot of the Halo 3 equipment was garbo. It does definitely feel like Infinite could use some more equipment though.

For sure but its something you know. I love getting chased just to whip out a grav lift and swing a fight in my favor. I would also be down for some newer ones.

assault mode

you only say that because you didn’t know how to use it most of it was wayy more useful than you let on Also unlike most equipment in halo i believe all of halo 3’s equipment was destructable.

also using a grav lift on a ground vehicle, though they kinda need ot fix the warthog physics first it rolls over waaay too much.

There were a few standouts (Bubble Shield, Grav Lift, Energy Drain, and Regen) but a lot were also hot garbage on a hot tin roof (Radar Jacker, Flare, Invincibility, Deployable Cover, and so on.

They weren’t really designed with MP in mind I take, they were designed for Single Player hence why some were good some were bad.

If they ever do decide to bring them back I would love to see them take their time and rebalance them or rework them to fit into Infinite.

Some of these things that you listed will be added, but what sucks is how long it’s going to take 343 to add most things to this game so it at least feels like a game. IMO right now Infinite feels like it’s still in Beta mode, that we are dealing with a company that doesn’t know what the hell they are doing other than milking the player base.

Personally, I think it’s total BS that they went this route, but there is nothing anyone can actually do about it. 7 years later for this game but 4 games later that this is where they are with all the feedback given to them over the years. It shows they either didn’t learn a damn thing or that are one of the most unorganized businesses there is out to date.

three of those were not in MP Deployable cover was.