Things that need to be added into the campaign

I have just Completed the campaign and I can tell you now there is a lot still missing.
Warning may contain spoilers click away now if you havnt finished the game

The replayability thing has already been covered so we wont get into that neither will we get into co-op even though the game is needing it badly we already know its coming in may so lets skip that to.

If we to get DLC these are the thing we need badly
First of all I found myself coming across many many opportunity’s to perform assassinations but could not do it due to them not being in the game this needs to be added…

Enemies I would like back please Engineers, Drones, Prometheans and Flood back please

Now for the story. In the above section for Enemies I mentioned the flood when it comes to Zeta Halo the Flood is really really important. Zeta Halo and the Flood when it comes to lore go hand in hand so the fact they never showed up at all was just baffling all they got was a small mention which was such a disappointment The Flood and Zeta Halo have such rich History so for them not to show up in the game makes no sense at all.

Also when it comes to Zeta Halo another Race that is connected to it is the Precursers yet not a single mention on them was made anywhere I thought for sure the Harbinger was gona be a precurser but it seems more like shes part of the endless who ever they are if there is any DLC then they need to add some kind of mention to the precursers you cant have a Halo game based on ZETA HALO and not include the Precursers or the Flood that is my take on all of this

The Campaign is good but its just missing these few things Hopefully we get some dlc to include these things.