Things that NEED fixed in Matchmaking

Regional Filter: One of these needs added, i’m from New Zealand, and just today I was playing a game of SWAT, and there was horrible lag, all of a sudden someone quit and the lag got slightly better, it was still horrible though. Afterwards I looked at where some of the players were from, the guy who quit was from Canada, 3 others were from Germany, there was also 1 guy from Australia and 2 more from Japan. I should only be connected to people from NZ and AUS, that’s it.

Bullet Magnetism: Self-explanatory; sometimes i’ll miss someone’s head by miles and it will still kill them, I didn’t deserve that kill and that guy didn’t deserve to die. I missed, the bullet should miss.

Lag-Compensation: This doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to and just gives an advantage to the guy with the worst connection. It has no place in Matchmaking.

Aim-Assist: I don’t know what 343 were smoking when they said it had been reduced. Open a custom game with a guest and try to shoot past him, keeping the reticule as close to him as possible, you’ll see how severe it is.