Things that MUST be fixed...

  1. Bring back Team Snipers and leave it in the playlist!

  2. Flinching while running making you stop every bullet that hits you? At least make it if you have Mobility you don’t flinch!

  3. The oddball and flag carrier health is way to much, I fill an entire AR clip into a guys back AND melee yet he doesn’t die? Happened on MANY occasions…

  4. Unlock all specializations because a game that is limited like that just ruins the entire history of Halo, you guys really messed up big time with that junk.

  5. Add a whole new playlist section for RANKED play with numbers like Halo 3!

  6. Nerf the Boltshot, the range is TOO D*MN HIGH!

  7. Kill cam needs to be fixed because when I am checking how I died the other player doesn’t even hit me at all with his shots so it is either the gun accuracy is amazingly random or the kill cam is SH*T!

There is so much more but these are the only things that MUST be fixed…

Everybody’s got heir list of things that must be fixed.

That being said, I agree with your issues except for the bit about sprint slow-down. I think that it is necessary to balance out sprinting and keep it from being an overpowered way to get into or out of battle.