Things that make me hate this game - Specifically the multiplayer

First off, stop giving me Butler as an AI. I worked hard to unlock superintendent and I paid money on the pass yo use him. So when I join a match and hear Butler, I get annoyed because this is such a basic thing that still has not been fixed 8 months into this games life.

2nd. Melee hit registration. How is this still broken? I have a few clips of it just not working at all, either in my favor or against. Again, this is such a basic thing.

3rd. Bloom. Why do we have bloom. Worse off, why bloom on every gun but the BR. Its either all guns have it or none. Preferably none. Its not required, we are in the future bro how have we not figured this out. Stop artificially reducing my accuracy.

4th. Please reduce how often the power weapons (Spanker, Cindershot) respawn on streets. If a team gets to it first it can drastically make the match one sided for the entire game because of how quick it comes back.

5th. This might just be a me issue, but I get spawn killed pretty often on the small maps. Maybe review what ever respawn algorithm youre using.

6th. Collision. Nothing I love more then having someone collide through me a get a back smack. No idea why collision was disabled, stupid idea.

I doubt anything will come from this. I just needed to vetn my frustrations. I have been a huge fan of Halo since CE released. I want to play more multiplayer but I have so many issues with it I dont know how much more I can put up with. I love the armor abilities, a great innovation. But so many of the basic has been changed or not even fixed. I dont know why.

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In every Halo game you lose accuracy during sustained fire. I don’t see what the issue is with having a visual indicator for it.

Im pretty confident thats blatantly false. This never happened with the BR in 2 and 3. It never happened with the pistol in CE, it never it felt like it happened in 2 and 3 either. Not until reach was this a mechanic. Hated it there too.

I will say I think it may have been a thing with covie weapons, like the PR. Even then I im not certain.

It’s because 343 was trying to turn Halo into something it’s not, and now it’s a huge mess. I mean, it’s pretty damn bad that it’s going on a year and just Co-Op has taken this long that has major issues, and who knows how long it will take them just to fix that.

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