Things that I'd like to see changed

Halo is great. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been a Halo fan since CE and I am still a fan today despite the changes that have taken place. However, there a few things I would like to see added or changed.

1). I love the competitive arena playlist, however I am a very competitive guy, and I almost don’t want to even bother to play any Arena option with my friends who are not as good as I am, because I am less likely to win. Bring back some non-competitive playlists that I can play purely for fun with my not so awesome friends, apart from Warzone. (cough cough I miss invasion cough cough).

2). The Spartans look awesome on the menu screen! However, they look less awesome in the before and after multiplayer game team cinematics. In fact, they almost look terrible. The colors dull out and blend in to one another, and leave it some what cheesy. Halo Reach cinematics looked amazing when viewing our very own Spartan, I refuse to believe this is the best they can do today…

3). I love the amount of Armor variants this game contains, however, I don’t love how its a matter of luck and grind (RNG) for what armor I receive. But not entirely. Keep the current armor that is out right now as RNG to earn, but also release much more armor that can only be obtained after achieving certain requirements. Like every other Halo game that precedes this from Halo 3 on. GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK FOR TO SHOW OFF!

4). Swat Magnums is terrible. I suck at it. However I am Onyx in Swat. Due to the fact that I am godly with the BR. What happened to the map Veto?? I find it odd that I am so bad at Swatnums that it keeps me from climbing higher in Onyx because that crap randomly pops up, and no one I know even likes to play that. Make swatnums its own playlist, remove it entirely, or bring back the map veto.

5). Like the above cinematic critique I’m sure you can see that I like to be evolved with the look and showcase of my spartan. But I also want my character to be involved more with the lore of Halo, and not just its Competitive side. I actually thought Spartan Ops were a great addition to the game as a way to let us interact and delve deeper into the world of Halo (except for the fact that Spartan Ops online had a very odd, and very noticeably bad lag to it when it came to controller inputs). Bring back a better version of Spartan Ops, or call it something else, and allow us to play with my Fireteam of selected friends as our personalized Spartans. Armor color and all. And Maybe even create some cinematics that would show all of us standing together on the screen as said custom spartans? Lost Planet managed it, I’m sure 343 can today.

6). There is nothing more annoying in arena than when I am trying to win games to climb to the next rank, and when I win I receive the (match results could not be found) and It count’s for nothing. Then I lose ONE GAME and guess what? They found those results just fine. -______- I hope this is already being addressed.

All in all, I love the game play so far. I have yet to beat the Campaign so please no spoilers. There are just a few things I would like to see mended.
Do you agree?
No reason to be -Yoinks!- here either…