Things that i think need fixed

The Assault rifle is over powered, if i wanted to spray people down i would go play COD. At least lower the range on them

Boltshot pistol is over powered also. you should just go ahead and give them a shotgun as a secondary.

Thats my only problem with the guns.

Now joining game in progress is annoying and should be taken out. Iv joined several games where there losing and most of the time spawn trapped.

Vehicles. The mantis, big team i dont have a problem with it but in smaller gametypes its very annoying. At least have it only spawn once or not at all.

Weapon spawns… Come on wtf? why cant we have set weapon spawns. this frustrates me more then anything >.< thats always been a part of halo, controling and fighting over weapons. Instead they spawn once or randomly or you get them in ordnance witch i didnt like also.

You guys did a great job on this game but these are a few thing me and im sure other people would like do have fixed