Things That Halo 6 NEEDS to change/lose from Halo5

As you know Halo 5’s sales wasn’t as high as past games. Here are some of the ideas I believe that would bring Halo’s community back.

Splitscreen NEEDS to be in Halo. If my friend didn’t want to bring his console round my house or if he was just heading round, we would end up playing split screen but in Halo 5 you can’t.

Invasion was a very good idea in Halo: Reach and the fact that Bungie gambled by having it as the first thing you could play in the beta was actually a really good idea. I think they should use ideas from Warzone to implement with warzone and also add vehicles such as the Pelican, Phantom and maybe the broadsword.

Credit System (From Halo: Reach)
Req Points are not a bad idea but sometimes I go through 8 gold packs which are 10,000 RP just too get weapons varied from plasma pistols to needlers… With Halo 3 you have a reason for having Hayabusa, by getting all the skulls in the campaign I like that idea. In Halo: Reach you had to reach a certain rank to unlock armors that was another idea that I loved too. I don’t like Req Packs because it is random and most of the time you won’t get anything Ultra Rare or Higher in a gold back. BRING BACK A CREDIT SYSTEM SO WE CAN BUY ARMOR WE ARE GRINDING FOR!

Dual Wielding
I don’t understand why we cant dual wield weapons in Halo anymore? Did Master chief forget how to do it or something? I don’t get it. Why take out things like that.

In my opinion the forge on Halo 5 is too complicated. Going from simple forge in MCC to stupidly difficult forge in Halo 5 is just ridiculous. I don’t even use forge anymore, I waited months for Forge to be released just for me not knowing how to use it. We’ve had years of the same forge just for 343 to change it…

Stop removing playlists! (Arena MP)
Recently 343 made playlists like Triple Team Slayer, Action Sack and Snipers and Shotguns or something like that. In Halo: Reach there’s even playlists for Campaign so you can do the campaign.

NOTE: Halo 5 wasn’t a terrible game. I just don’t agree with a few if the ideas. I guess the next Halo game will have alot more to offer! If not then I’ll haft to give up on buying the new games.

Spartan Charge.

Splitscreen - Agree only because this should be a standard, it doesn’t benefit me because the only person I would play with is my step son and he has his own game and xbox one.

Dual Wielding - I think they add/remove playlists to see what is popularly used. Take team doubles, took them awhile but it’s added now. As for Dual-wielding I can certainly do without. It’s kind of a cheesy system and was tested on H2, people didn’t take to it that well. That being said more people prefer to not have dual weird (my opinion of course).

(Arena MP) - I would like to be able to able to queue for a campaign map, this blows my mind that they wouldn’t add it in. I am pretty happy with the game modes as I don’t ever get bored, but I would like action sack to stay (never thought I would say that), and team snipers added back in. Not sure why infection is such a big deal, frankly I think it’s boring, but again my opinion.

Unless sprinting and abilities are either removed entirely or greatly toned down, I won’t be getting Halo 6. Halo 5 was the first Halo sequel where I waited after launch to buy until I found a used copy and the “enhanced” movement was the sole reason for that. If that stuff is back again in Halo 6, I won’t even bother with the game at all.

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> Unless sprinting and abilities are either removed entirely or greatly toned down, I won’t be getting Halo 6. Halo 5 was the first Halo sequel where I waited after launch to buy until I found a used copy and the “enhanced” movement was the sole reason for that. If that stuff is back again in Halo 6, I won’t even bother with the game at all.

Okay then.

Anyway, in response to the OP, I feel Halo 6 foremost needs to be a more polished game at launch. A longer/better campaign, splitscreen, dual-wielding and more social playlists would be nice too.

Regarding Forge. I think it’s fine. It definitely takes some getting used to though. But the absence of pre made pieces like buildings makes it difficult for unskilled forgers. Hopefully prefabs will help with that.
A couple other things to add to this list:
Hunters: The machine-gun cannon needs to go. The hunter is supposed to be a brute force and up close unit. Now it can just snipe you with EXTREME accuracy. Also, they’re always on the defense. What happened to them charging you? Now they just sit with their shield up the entire time and only let their guard down to swing at you.
Projectile Bullets: Please no more hit-scan. It makes the huge open BTB maps annoying to play on. The reason Sand Trap and Valhalla played so well in Halo 3 was because you couldn’t snipe people across the map with a battle rifle. Warthog gunners actually had a chance because with was hard to hit a fast moving object with projectile bullets. Now they just get shot out no big deal and I hardly ever get in a warthog because it’s not worth it.
Playlists: I can’t agree more with this one. Cycling playlists are annoying. We want variety. And speaking of variety. Why the hell are we still playing the same damn maps in 4v4 arena that we were playing at launch? Almost a year in with all these amazing forgers and we are still playing basic 343 maps. And most of the playlists don’t even have all the maps in them. They only pick a select few from the giant list of crappy shoebox sized maps they made to put in a playlist. MORE VARIETY. Variety in map sizes. And getting a map twice in a row in arena should be rare. And we shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months for playlists to come around just for them to stay for only a week or even just a weekend.
Battle Rifle Sight: Enough said.
Mantis: Where do I even start? What is this thing? A chicken walker? The only thing you buffed from Halo 4 is the speed. Its AOE attack does nothing. It can be boarded from the front? What? That doesn’t even make sense. The rockets can no longer be fired one at a time. So whats the point of the charge up? I though maybe it helps with accuracy. Nope. They still fly everywhere except for where you’re aiming. The chain gun is kinda useful?
Scout Warthog: What was this thing designed for? It’s a big mongoose.
A Real Rewards System: Playing the game for an hour just to get a random piece of armor or weapon that you didn’t want is not rewarding. It’s annoying. I want to unlock armor via commendations, by ranking up, by doing challenges. By beating the campaign on legendary solo after fighting The Warden Eternal 14 times by myself with dumb AI’s**.**
More Armor and Emblem Options: This one is simple. Let us customize more than just our helmet and body armor. bring back custom emblems.
Better UI: I want to see my opponents before a match. I want to see their, emblem, their spartan (or elite), their rank, their arena rank, their commendations, their KD ratio, their service record, who else is in their party, what team they’re going to be on. I want better organization. I don’t want to scroll through a unorganized list of 200+ pieces of armor just to find the one I want.

I personally feel that some of the abilities need to be taken off. Not completely, but rather as a perk that you can choose. I want to be able to customize my spartan the way I think I personally would want to be loaded with. Like If I was going to war and I had to bring certain things. This is what I would bring and wear. That’s the one thing I loved about Halo Reach the customization was incredible. I want my spartan to be personal. Not generic.