Things that 343 need to fix not later but now!

A Large list of changes that halo infinite needs to change ASAP and not later you have Microsoft company supporting you no way this cant be fixed now. Now I want for address that I’m not on the forums as much so if this stuff has been talked about I understand. I also know the game isn’t fully out till 8th so I get that as well.

  • Microtransactions half the price they are now (or sell us just armor colors only like you planned before rather that then selling us armor we unlocked back in 2000’s)

  • 343 your content locking us to keep survival of the game alive STOP! No “it will be time to make a SWAT list” WTF a fan can add it and code it??? What no your lying STOP!

  • Battlepass has no reason to have that many rerolls and EXP boosts we seen the leaks add more armor YOUR CONTENT LOCKING US!

  • I know this one is a bit harder to get but your “Microsoft company” that makes a OS for PC cant figure a way to ban cheaters EASY ANTI CHEAT more like EASY TO CHEAT???

  • Ranked needs to be fix I’m a bot and got Onyx? Have you ever seen a bronze player think about it???

  • Maybe some one didn’t get the hint from fans yelling so quick lightning round. Falcon ADD! Hornet ADD! DMR ADD! Playable elites ADD! Infection ADD! FFA ADD! Doubles ranked ADD! Assassinations ADD! Custom games browser ADD! Play collision ADD! SWAT ADD! True Ranked System (Like Halo2/3) ADD! More body types for Spartans (if you know you know) ADD!

  • 343 You did this with Halo 5 and your doing this thing where you hide and don’t post updates at all on social media. I had to see a tweet from a dev tweeter to know what’s going on??? Talking about being in talks with community post it on your main tweeter? Or maybe that ruins the image?

  • Now the game is out on the 8th I hope to god you guys have a hidden progression system up your butts. Cause a battlepass isn’t it even games like Apex have a level system outside the battlepass. (You also have the content STOP LYING!!!)

  • Halo 5 came out in 2015 and its been five years and a extra year to polish. YOUR CONTENT LOCKING US!! You mean to tell me this is all maps and modes at launch!? The 60 buck price Campaign better do more then just entertain me!

  • challenges are nice and all but it forces me to play modes I don’t want to play still for a emblem thats ugly AF? Maybe make a option to get more general challenges just for EXP? (Daily login EXP matches is a nice change but seems more like a mobile game at this point)

  • Fix the Event stuff only level 7 and you CONTENT LOCK US? Don’t tease us! Also dont show armor we cant get?

  • This isn’t a must but bring halo 5 to PC so at least I can play some content that’s full and was built off of after the game was out. HAHA JOKES but am i really? MCC at least i can play infection.

Now I got some ideas for changes so hear me out?

NO FREE TO PLAY OPTION? it would crack down on cheaters more, maybe lower the price of in game stuff I’d pay 60 plus more just for multiplayer if it means no store even a subscription base model LOL better then 20 bucks FOR BLUE???

Anyways thanks for coming to my Rant/Halo talk love the gameplay! Its rough on some balance things but that takes time to get data. I will still be playing halo! ^^


I agree with this 100000% 343I if you read this listen to us, content locking is lying to your fan base and a horrible idea for making money.