Things No One Says About Halo 4

I’ll start.

“The Beam Rifle is underpowered and needs a buff.”
“Flinching is a wonderful idea because descoping was just not Halo.”

Camo campers have amazing skills.

The DMR is miserably underpowered and is completely useless at long range.

> “The Beam Rifle is underpowered and needs a buff.”

Someone just the other day said it was too inconsistent and needed to be buffed, so that isn’t really true.

OT: “There’s not nearly enough auto-aim in this game.”
“I just love getting stuck whenever I kill someone.”


This doesn’t seem very constructive.


I wish the DLC maps didn’t come up as much…


I love the lack of a UNSC Air-vehicle

The bolt shot is too weak and slow at charging; needs to be faster and shoot farther

This game is amazing.

> :confused:
> This doesn’t seem very constructive.

Who cares? its fun

The Gauss hog is underpowered and needs to shoot faster

I love plasma grenades in loadouts so i can just stick people because i dont like to use guns. And it takes care of the OP warthogs.

Ordnance is fair, balnced and not inspired by another curren FPS which shall remain nameless. Lets call it DoC.

It has the best custom games options in the series.

Join-in-progress was a brilliantly executed idea.
The UI looks beautiful and is not at all confusing.

Halo 4 is one of the top 5 played games on XBL

Infinity Slayer saved this game.

The population is super high.

This game is the best because of it’s customization.

That last match was fun!

This game requires the most skill of any Halo game.

I’m really glad you can’t drop the flag.

I’m really glad you can throw the oddball.

I’m really glad they removed race.

I’m really glad they removed assault.

CSR works.

Somebody that match actually was as good as me.

Exile is completely balanced.

Ordinance is balanced.

Marty O’Donnell sucks compared to Neil.

Palmer is a good character who does not talk like a 4 year old child.

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“This netcode is better than Reach’s.”

-Said no one is the history of forever and if they did I’ll kick their face in.

The Gauss Hog also needs 100% more aim assist.

I love how this thread started with a comical purpose in mind but quickly became a collection of people just bashing Halo 4.

“I look forward to playing halo 4”
“Hey guys, you should try this awesome game called halo 4” (Recommend to friends)
“That was a well played match guys, good game” (talking to enemy team after game)
“Wow that dude sniped me, he must be really good”

“Halo 4 will be played for years to come”