Things never change

I’ve been away from this forum and Halo 4 for a little over a month, and I’m a little surprised by how little has changed. The last time I was on this forum, there were threads about SR70 caps, and complaints about how horrible the game is. As I just arrived here, the first thread was about SR70 and the next five were hollow complaints on how horrible the game is. When will we move on?

I’m guessing, when the people complaining have gotten what they are asking for

So, probably never

Constructive criticism is rare. And, sad to say, the more people say the 343i “stuffed it up” or “lied” or “broke” Halo, the less likely 343i will respond, in kind. Because who likes to hear that kind of talk?

Seems, too, that the complaint threads are some of the most popular

Perhaps a separate forum for “why halo 4 sucks / I want this (gun/weapon/feature) back / halo 1 FTW” needs to be made

That is exactly how I feel. If people stopped complaining and offered their opinions in concert with suggestions that are reasonable, then things might happen alot faster, but who knows? People complain that 343 broke the game, changed it TOO much, but what if it is just us, the community, who are changing?

For the record, the forums for Black Ops 2 are full of complainers also. I’ve never bothered to check MW3 or any other because I just don’t care

What I’m saying is, it’s just part of the deal when you have a game as popular as Halo or COD.

And Halo MP has a rich history. Many hardcore fans don’t want it to be messed with.

It’s a shame that there couldn’t be less of the complaint threads, but at least people give a damn.

The worst case would be nobody gives a -Yoink- anymore, and just leave altogether to never come back. From what I’ve read, this is what is happening.

I think the best way to ‘complain’ is, like some people have done, to set up a poll. At least the results are presented in a manner which is more useful to 343i

Long posts about what is wrong etc. are just too much information to go through. I’d say, pick out the main points, chuck 'em in a poll, and do it that way

This is my view on the reason people complain and such


When Halo 5 comes out. People will be too busy nitpicking and complaining about that game to focus on this one.