Things it's gotten right

After playing hours upon hours of the beta, I’ve decided to put in my positive two-cents, as well as some constructive criticism.


-The abilities, for the most part, they’re great. I’ve seen issues with Clamber, which have gotten me both easily killed and easy kills.

-The weapon balancing. I know many of you may disagree but I love that I don’t have to worry about finding a precision weapon to stay relevant.

-The focus on teams. I’m still skeptical of the seemingly low kill times, but the emphasis on teamwork that this brings is very positive.

-Shield recharge time when you haven’t sprinted is good.

-The Arena focus. Enough said.

-Maps are something I don’t really have a problem with either. Though, We’ll see where that goes when more are released next week.


-Shields take way too long to recharge when you’ve sprinted. I’m not talking about getting rid of that all together, but make it a little faster. I should’t have to stand in place for 5 seconds just to wait for my shields to start to recharge. Fixing this would bring up kill times.

-The sword and sprint. If someone is able to run around Truth with a sword for the entire game with ease, then something isn’t working right. (and I mean I’ve been able to do this and I’ve seen other people do this.) The sword is incredibly easy to use because of Sprint. For every other weapon, you need to stop sprinting to fire, why not the sword?

-The twitch you get when you’re hit. Even though that is something that won’t be in the final game.

-The ranking system. It’s… not as good as it could be. Maybe I’m just getting flashbacks to Reach but why isn’t a 1-50 system good enough anymore?

-The sniper has a very slow rate of fire.

-The over-abundance of useless medals and the lack of medal like “Shotgun Spree” etc.

-Is there a need for ground pound? It doesn’t feel it should be there… I mean, I forget I have it most of the time because in the time it takes me to charge one up I could’ve killed the person and reset for the next guy to come around.

To be honest, I’m having a hard time coming up with negative things to say about this game and I’ve become very cynical about games in general after the year we’ve had so it’s not the ‘new game hype,’ it’s just a generally fun game.

I find no gameplay problems. I adapt to fit the game I don’t want the game to adapt to fit me.

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> I find no gameplay problems. I adapt to fit the game I don’t want the game to adapt to fit me.

If kill times are very low, yet people can literally sprint around the map with a sword with ease for the duration of a match, that’s a gameplay problem. I don’t want the game to adapt to me, I want the game and the community to find a middle ground.

Honestly I find this to be the best Halo yet.

looks great.

very balanced weapons.

maps work great with abilities.

Like Spartans talking

Much more, but posted very long posts today and don’t want to type anymore because it hurts.