Things introduced in Halo 4 you want out.

For me, at least, weapon skins are useless and unneeded. Other Halo titles didn’t need them, and they don’t now. This isn’t COD. Specializations don’t help either. They just feel odd for me. They don’t fit with Halo at all.

Leave CoD out of the subject, this isn’t a cross-FPS flamewar zone.

> For me, at least, weapon skins are useless and unneeded. Other Halo titles didn’t need them, and they don’t now. This isn’t COD. Specializations don’t help either. They just feel odd for me. They don’t fit with Halo at all.

Nah, those are pretty harmless overall. We need to allow SOME room for Halo to change and grow. Otherwise it stagnates and turns into CoD, and I know NONE of us want THAT.

What REALLY needs to go are the -Yoinking!- Ordnance drops. Those COMPLETELY broke the flow of what Halo multiplayer is supposed to be. All out arena style combat, with that mad first dash to the power weapons and then the continual fight over control of their spawns. And for that matter, custom loadouts in multiplayer need to disappear as well. No more DMR/BR starts. Those need to go back to being map weapons as well. Halo’s competitive multiplayer REALLY needs to go back to basics.

However, I WILL say that custom loadouts with BR/DMR starts are more than fine for Spartan Ops. There it actually makes sense, since you would basically be selecting the most appropriate gear for you mission before being dropped down into it.

  1. Supressor = -Yoinking!- useless
  2. Majority Forerunner weapons should be in the class of power weapons that should fought over for on the map
  3. Pulse grenade = -Yoinking!- useless
  4. Knights are not fun to fight against. The idea is awesome, they are like the equivalent of brutes in H2, just slightly better
  5. Shiny armor: The armor should be like it was in H2/Reach – rough-looking and worn. Not like H3 and H4 armor where it was shiny as hell
  6. Loadouts are gone, right? Just asking because I forgot. H1-H3 style of MP is what we need with the advertised arena style 343i is shooting for
  7. Forerunner enemies… add more classes of them to fight against maybe?

Weapon skins I don’t mind… They don’t change the game at all. Just aesthetics like armor.
I am indifferent about sprint.


I certainly don’t want a remake of Complex.

Wow that map was a pile of crimes against humanity.

-armor abilities
-personal ordnance
-join in progress
-useless multiplayer aesthetics that make the game look like a Cod ripoff (in game music, kill cams, point system replacing kill count, Jeff Steitzer sounding incredibly enthusiastic over anything, etc.)
-perks (not specializations, they’re perks and you know it)

The Forerunners.

I’m getting a little tired of dwelling on the past. I want stories that move forward.

Specializations and weapon skins huh? Interesting choices given the other things I’ve seen other forum members complain about.

As for me. I’ve got a bit of a list but one of them would be the modern Plasma pistol. I’d much rather it be replaced with it’s CE iteration. But I suppose that was something introduced in Halo 2, not 4

Weapon skins don’t bother me. What needs to change are the gamebreaking things which robs halo most of its competitive aspect.
Also I don’t think we’ll see specializations again, it was a H4 thing i guess.

Cortana’s new aesthetic. Halo 3 was already perfect, I don’t know what they were thinking.

> Cortana’s new aesthetic. Halo 3 was already perfect, I don’t know what they were thinking.

I actually think Cortana’s look in Halo 4 was her best yet. Probably because her shorter hair reminded me of her look from Halo 1.

Skins are harmless like most other armory things, IMHO. If it doesn’t affect gameplay, I’m okay with it.

For me: PERKS. They scream feature with next to no benefit.

The DMR and BR in the same game. How about neither?

I don’t want any of it back.

  • The movement was horrid. You’re supposed to be a huge walking tank making clangy loud footsteps all over the place? No.
  • Sprint can go since all you really need to do is make the base player movement a little faster and the game will play fast paced. You don’t need sprint in order to have fast gameplay. H2 was a prime example of that. Plus, with no sprint, you don’t have to lower your weapon.
  • Flinch/No descoping
  • Custom Loadouts.
  • All the aspects that come with custom loadouts like spawning with Stickies or boltshots and perks! F’in perks. Lets take another idea strait from COD while we are at it.
  • Spawning with Long Range Weapons
  • All loadout promethian weapons are useless
  • Scatter shot was useless
  • Incin Cannon was too easy to use
  • Same with Binary Rifle
  • The Pregame Lobby was a joke
  • Removing Proximity Voices from the game
  • The post game carnage report didn’t even have the final score on the scoreboard = joke
  • The fact that everyone gets their own unique score throughout the game that has nothing to do with the score of the actual game
  • Too many medals
  • Too much in the way off announcing every medal you get.
  • Unlockable weapons
  • The thought that every weapon has to be completely equal instead of powerful in it’s own way
  • The amount of re-skinned weapons that all do the same thing, just slightly differently
  • The insane amount of bullet magnetism and aim assist which makes everyone able to be a 4-shot god
  • The majority of the maps being large scale maps with very poor design which doesn’t promote good teamwork

I could keep going on and on, but the list is too long. I’ve never been as frustrated trying to play a game (other than COD/BattleField) as I have been with H4. All of the randomness that comes with the game is just ridiculous to think it could be taken seriously.

The only thing they can do to save Halo is to make it it’s own game again. Get rid of any similarities that it has to COD other than the FPS aspect. Go back to Same weapon/nade starts. No Sprint. No Loadouts. No AAs that create an insane imbalance. Focus on small maps to promote competitive teamwork. Keep the weapons simple, effective, and make each one unique. Once all that criteria is met, then expand and work on the bigger things, like BTB type of things, other fun casual things, new playlists or whatever, but keep Core Halo what it always was and should have always been.

“You can make a competitive game casual, but you can’t make a casual game competitive”

> Cortana’s new aesthetic. Halo 3 was already perfect, <mark>I don’t know what they were thinking.</mark>

I think that they were trying to give her actual human proportions rather than continuing to give her breasts that were bigger than her head. However, given that Cortana has expired, you probably won’t see her again outside of flashbacks.


  • Armor Mods
  • Personal Ordnance
  • QTE’s

I want almost all of it gone. Custom loadouts, flinch, PODs and RODs, armor that looks like it came from a bad anime…

Ricochet can stay.

Things to go (in order of importance):

SPRINT- It harms map design and weapons

Perks- 100% anti halo

POD- encourage for camping and anti teamwork, hence anti halo

FLINCH- makes decent snipers invincible, is anti halo

Insaine Aim Assist- too much is a bad thing

Forerunner weapons- need to all be power weapons and unique. Think combining the LR and the BinaryR.

Custom loadouts- not inherently bad but what can be placed in it ie: PP PG Boltshot

Mantis- there are other vehicles in halo 343 not just an OP mech.

Anime armors- come on i thought we were going for functional not gundam

Hats off to 343 for getting rid of AAs

THINGS TO Return (in order of importance):

Descope- it allows for snipers to be more aware of surroundings and allows for thier defeat

Campaign theater


Duel wielding- its fun. H3 worked it out no need to reinvent the wheel.

Good custom games options

Good forge tools

Unique weapons not just reskinned faction variants

Things to Stay (in no peticular order):


Weapon skins (rework into alternate weapon skins)

Theyd be bettter off starting from something that looks like H3 with Reach’s features and adding to it to make it H5.

I consider anything that is against gameplay being Fair, Balanced, and Even anti Halo.

Weapon and armor skins are fine. If they made it so your armor affected your performance (Like the Gungnir is canonically supposed to do) or your Plasma Pistol skin made it EMP Stun for twice as long, THEN it’d be a bad thing.

For that matter, we could just go back to CE days where you could only change your armor color and not the armor itself.

A lot of these threads could be simplifed by saying What DO you want to see return instead of Do Not - would be a much shorter list!

I’d really like to see Dominion return for one, Ricochet as well. Both were real nifty game types. Dominion could work VERY well blended with Invasion.

  1. Ugly and convoluted menus
  2. Loadouts
  3. Armor Abilities (I know, started with Reach)
  4. Flinch and no De-scope
  5. Score counting in 10s, rather than 1s (kills)
  6. JiP
  7. Hit Indicators
  8. Grenade Markers
  9. Specializations
  10. Redundant weapons
  11. Lack of True-Rank (I know, started with Reach)
  12. Weapon despawn time (too quick)
  13. PODs or any Ordnance
  14. Killcams (final killcam should be introduced)
  15. Lack of VIP, Assault, Juggernaut, Race, and Doubles upon release (Doubles being my favourite playlist)
  16. Sprint (one of the worst on the list)
  17. Bad maps, Customs, and Forge mode
  18. Sound of BR and excessively loud sound effects (i.e. reloading)
  19. No playable Elites (though I never choose them)
  20. Auto-pick-up of Flag (made even worse with inability to drop it)
  21. Anything that isn’t cosmetic being unlockable (this exists, right? I haven’t played in over a year)
  22. Credit systems/progression systems in general (I know, started with Reach).
  23. Too many medals (some for doing absolutely nothing)
  24. “Everybody is a winner” mentality
    25: Instant Respawn

There is my list of 25.

  1. No Orbital Drops
  2. No Armor Abilities
  3. Make Sprint Universal or Don’t Include At All
  4. Bring Back Elites in Multiplayer
  5. Power-Ups/Equipment Are Map Pick-Ups
  6. Make Armor’s Look More Combat Practical
  7. Make Many More Death/Falling Animations