Things in H5 that you prefer over Infinite

All I know is playing almost 400 games of Infinite makes me appreciate Halo 5 a lot more. The movement in Halo 5 was absolutely perfect. The ground slams, the hovering, the ability to thrust in any direction. These things made the game play so exciting and unique.

Infinite kept ground slides…whoop!

I wish to God we still had the movement from H5 in Infinite.

Also, I absolutely miss warzone. Warzone capture the base was my absolute favorite mode. It is surprising no one ever made a video game copy of that mode because it is incredible. I play Halo 5 still just for that.

Infinite is getting more of my time but I’ve played more Halo 5 lately because of Infinite.

Lastly, the ranking system is sorely missed. I have no drive in Infinite. I don’t care about skins I want a military-style ranking system like MCC or something like H5. Something to drive for.

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Looking back onto Halo 5, which BTW is not just my most played Halo, but also arguably my most played game of ALL time, there really isn’t anything Infinite offers that I like more than in Halo 5. Anyway, here is a HUGE list of what I love about Halo 5 way more than Infinite:

  1. Progression and unlock systems.

  2. The overall multiplayer.

  3. Halo 5’s weapon sandbox and design - everything weapon-related just feels, looks, and sounds so much better in Halo 5. The Infinite Hydra is such a massive downgrade in every aspect that it really is a disgrace. And then there’s the many weapon and vehicle variants in Halo 5 which made the game even better - Blood of Suban (Carbine-Needle Rifle hybrid), Dying Star (explosive LightRifle), Blaze of Glory (the best Shotgun in the game), I could go on and on. Oh, and don’t forget that the Plasma Pistol in Halo 5 is actually useful because of its EMP and splash damage effects!

  4. The vehicles in Halo 5 are actually useful, unlike in Infinite, where they get destroyed much faster than I can destroy a Major Bio-mechanoid in Serious Sam!

  5. The art style was actually perfect in Halo 5 - Infinite did a complete 180° and went for a watered-down, nostalgia/fanservice-driven art style which ruined so many things. HI Spartans look so skinny and generic too it’s really insulting, and not to mention the game just doesn’t look THAT futuristic for a game set in 2560! Halo 5’s art style actually perfectly reflected the time era it was set in - 2558 (26th century)! So naturally, the art style is futuristic and sci-fi by design, and I really enjoyed that.

  6. Continuing on from #4, Halo 5 has the best armor designs I have ever seen, from the Centurion, Argus, Helljumper, Achilles, Mark VI MOD (yes, Chief’s campaign armor), Copperhead, and FOTUS/Deadeye to Recruit, Shinobi, Helioskrill, and Vigilant.

  7. As a continuation of #4 and #5, the sound design in Halo 5 is so satisfying. My only gripes are the Warthog engine note and the whiny Crawlers.

  8. I know OP said this wouldn’t really count, but I’m just gonna say this - CO-OP CAMPAIGN. Halo 5 nailed it here with the ability to let you choose the character you want to play as! Unsurprisingly, I have spent the most hours as Fred alone.

  9. Forge. I just have a strong feeling Halo Infinite will butcher Forge so badly considering everything that the game has done.

  10. Gameplay, in every aspect, every way. The Thruster Pack in Halo 5 is so incredibly satisfying and fun to use. And then there’s Breakout/Elimination, which I enjoyed too despite all my ranked troubles and frustrations. Lastly, at least Halo 5 does not let people shoot through walls and discourages camping!

  11. Buck, Yabda, or Exuberant as announcers! In fact, Buck has been my main announcer since I started playing in 2018.

  12. Map design. Plaza, Mercy, Coliseum, The Rig, Fathom, all the Breakout Arena variants, I could go on and on!

  13. Customization. Not only can you put any armor set with any helmet, you can actually give your armor or emblem ANY color combination! Unlike in Halo Infinite where presets reign supreme and you are incredibly limited with the choices.

  14. The XP system. As AshamanND has pointed out above.

I could really go on and on, but it would be too long. Besides, Halo 5 was not only my first Halo game, but it was also the game that brought me a LOT of new friendships in recent times. Which is why I will forever love it and hold it dearly, it holds a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, Halo Infinite is so abysmal that it set the Halo franchise on the path to self-destruction. I’m not spending $60 on that game, I’m redirecting $60 to Serious Sam 4 and the upcoming Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem instead!


The Colour White on my Spartan :rofl:


Well said. Sounds like me and you agree on several thing. I made a list without explaining much. But your explanations I agree with totally

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