Things in H5 that you prefer over Infinite

What are some things that you like more in H5 than in Infinite (or features you miss from H5 that are removed in Infinite)? Features that are most likely coming back don’t really count and we can’t judge yet (like Forge, Campaign, Infection, etc). Generally curious since H5 is actually a really solid title and I’ve been playing it up until the release of Infinite.

For me, there are some obvious ones like the progression and unlock system in H5 is so much better where you can unlock everything for free without paying, and the XP system where performance affects your XP gain.

A few smaller ones though that I think are interesting to point out:

  • The outro cutscenes for Arena, Infinite has very static poses for the outro scenes and it just doesn’t look as satisfying as H5 outros where your team poses in victory, the animation is more natural
    -Auto-queue into the next match after completing one. This is very small feature but something I really enjoy.
    -The radar in H5 is bigger on the HUD and a tad bit closer to the center of the screen, so its easier to take a quick glance at it. Infinite’s radar is very close to the corner and smaller and so it requires more attention to process the information away from all other aspects of the HUD / visuals

A lot of things but one thing thai I notice more and more is the lack of thruster in default equipment, infinite is full of campers and when they shot behind you is hard to win the duel, but in halo 5 with the thruster you had the opportunity to activate that and recover to win the duel


Breakout was a really fun mode, I think it could work with Infinite’s sandbox.

  1. The Halo 5 Magnum - There are a bunch of missing weapons like the classic Shotgun, DMR, SAW, Rail Gun, Storm Rifle, Light Rifle, Binary Rifle, and a lot more. Yet the H5 Magnum is my favorite Halo Starting gun of all time, and I just miss the crap out of it. If I had to pick one gun from H5 to add to Infinite. It would be this one.

  2. Breakout/Elimination - I know this mode was super popular when H5 launched, but it became my favorite mode in the game. I loved the holographic arena look of the maps and the 1 life per round mechanic that made the mode pretty intense. They should add this mode to Infinite as an additional playlist.

  3. The H5 Hydra - Has a more aesthetically pleasing and distinctive design, and is way more powerful than Hydra Halo Infinite. The HI Hydra feels pretty useless now.

  4. Variant vehicles and weapons from different manufacturers, in particular, I miss the Blood of Suban Carbine (or an updated Needle Rifle from Reach) and Dying Star Light Rifle.

  5. The rank badges for Bronze - Onyx looked much better in H5.

  6. My Favorite Armor sets from 5 like the Mako, Helioskrill, Shinobi, Scout, FOTUS, Achilles, Centurion, and Copperhead.

  7. I feel like the Thruster in Halo Infinite is lackluster compared to the one in Halo 5. I miss using to create ability chains like the thrust slide and kneecap jumps to name a few.

  8. So far I prefer a lot of the maps in Halo 5. Plaza, Coli, The Rig, Fathom, Mercy, Tyrant, and the breakout arena variants were all so cool.

  9. Exuberant Bae as an announcer.

I am sure there is more stuff, but that is what comes to me off the top of my head. I still really like Infinite so far, but I definitely like Halo 5 more thus far. Halo 5’s multiplayer is my favorite in the series to date.


I liked the gunplay a little more and I prefer the ADS of the magnum in H5 to the ADS we have right now, I guess I’ll just have to get used to it

I miss the thruster and the radar in the ranked maps. I feel like I’m forced to camp more without the radar and it seems like other people camp more too. I also miss playing with only console players. I consistently go negative in x play but positive in controller only ranked.


Going low here with the customization.

While customizing your emblem in Halo 5 is inferior compared to H3, Reach, ODST, H4 and MCC. At the very least, I can freely select what colors I can put for my emblem unlike in Infinite where you’re only limited to a few presets.


I don’t like how there’s no Champion rank. You have to go to halotracker to see the top 200.

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I prefer 343i’s artstyle mostly.
The sandbox was so expansive and expressive.
The stakes were far more grandeur.
There was more serious and realized vibe to the game.


In essence, you wished you had a get out of jail for free card. If you were being shot from behind, More than likely you do not check your corners and perhaps mindlessly wander in the open

A few other good posts in here, but for me it’s gotta be the XP system.

I wanna see a global spartan rank, not some meaningless battlepass for Spartan Dress-up.

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Both players have thrusters. Someone who gets blindsided and uses their thrust early to try and stay alive then has to face an opponent who more than likely still has their thruster saved for a juke. Thruster also added some amazing movement tech to master like Knee cap jumps and super/thruster slide jumps.


Yup. And when I’m shooting at an enemy, I have to remember he can thruster in any direction throwing my aim off. Both players having it does make it fair but it’s not a good mechanic

It was a horrible mechanic for Halo and I guarantee majority of Halo fans are glad they’re gone.

I think it’s more of a personal preference thing. I like how it opens up a ton of awesome movement chain combos which adds depth to map traversal. I know a lot of pro players said that they would rather keep thrust and drop sprint from the game. Now in Infinite, we have Thrust (nerfed) as an equipment piece and a slowed-down sprint. So I am not sure if it is what people were asking for exactly, but is a compromise.

Also, invoking the “majority of fans” as to why your opinion is the correct one is ad populem fallacy. Just a note for future discussions. Try to make your case without such statements.

Halo 5’s multiplayer population speaks for itself

You are again arguing about popularity. Popularity does not necessarily equal quality or vice versa.

I get it you don’t like H5, or thrust. I respect your opinion you and I are both allowed to have them.

Man, I can’t believe a 6 year old game has few players.


Lol just look at the drop in players just weeks after the game came out. If it wasn’t for the fact that the game was called Halo, it would’ve flopped entirely

I think the Halo 5 gameplay overall was more fun. It definitely had some issues (spartan charge), but I think Infinite was a step backwards in the gameplay. Player collision, most of the weapons, spartan companies, playlist variety, and the progression system were all better in 5. Admittedly the playlist variety in 5 wasn’t as good as previous installments, and the 1 to 152 progression was about as bland as can be, at least it was something.

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oh thanks captain obvious, thats why this topic ask that, I prefered that gameplay, now in infinite all the players are camping and for example in btb the only zone maps are used are the circunference and the spots where you can camp, thats so boring.