Things I'd like halo xbox one to have

hello I’m pretty out there with my thoughts I’m thinking way outside the box here
let’s get started.

ok 1st off this just dawned on me last night, being able to drop grenades, ok this works, it doesn’t have to be a big thing but if I had an option to drop my stash of grenade’s maybe to give to a team mate or just to use in defence and drop them in a high traffic area and shoot them when an enemy passes by or cause a chain reaction of grenade explosions its very strategic think about it.

2nd off is big team slayer,
I’ve herd things about big team slayer for halo xbox one, how BIG and vast the matches will be its all speculation what I’ve herd but what I want to see in Big team slayer is massive-ness. By far big team slayer is the most popular playlist and the most fun, so pls expand it.
I’d like there to be afew more race’s to fight against. we got spartans vs spartans, add more teams to bts we could have covernent, flood and forerunners all going nutts in a huge bts game then add another new race or two, as vast as halo is ive only seen 6 or so different races most of which make up the covernant.
I’d love for halo’s xbox one big team slayer to, and this might sound stupid to some but not to me, how about big team slayer having more than just 2 team’s, I vision massive battle’s that could last days, think about it, you just jump in and out when you want the match would still carry on untill a team wins, I’d start or join a battle and untill it end’s i’d be able to jump in/out or play a different game type then 8hours later if i choose to jump back into this massive battle if its not finished i could.
I hate it when the game stops because someone has left/joined the match, I’ve been dealing with this issue since halo 3, we really dont need this anymore.