Things I would like changed ASAP and/or for the full release

Hello there! I decided that I wanted to drop some feedback on the things that i thougth should be changed ASAP or for the full release. I understand many people have similar complaints, so i thought i would add my voice to it as well.
1.)The Battlepass- While the rewards of the battlepass as of now are good, the progression of the battlepass is not up to par with other progression system’s out there. It shoudln’t be just challenges that net you EXP to go through these ranks. (As it stands i have 12 hours and am only level 4.) I think the system should be changed to something of similar functionality to the Reach credit system, where you earn credits (exp) when doing well, and competing in matches, while challenges are a side thing to give BONUS exp. Which leads me to my next thought.

2.} Customization- While the options themselves are good, i feel as though those options should not be limited to a specific armor core. Once you unlock a customization option, you should be able to equip said option on any core you like. The cores themselves can have base differences in looks, but the armor should be able to be thrown on any one.

Thank you very much for your time and patience. Here’s to making the game we all love and will continue to play for years to come! Happy hunting Spartans!