Things i Would have loved to See in halo

SO lets start off id rather instead of that blue dark backdrop during customization in halo 4 mabye if they had a backdrop of the s deck armor bay with the assembly machines in the backround kinda make it feel more like your on infinity, and be able to see your entire armor and not have the legs cut off by shadowed imagery and the description text at the bottom and how before selecting a peice i can only see the waste up of my spartan i mena with all these skins and stuff shouldnt i be abel to admire my hardwork after assebling my spartan armor. also during spartan ops ,abey being able to choose the sniper rifle or the shotgun as a weapon to start with i mean if madsen and hoya from majestic get them why cant crimson get them seems a bit unfair to me. also mabye some AI spartans with me when i play solo i mean sometimes i want to play solo on normal not legendary with all the skulls just like to go through spartan ops for -Yoink- and giggles not on crazy -Yoink- difficulties b myself but not have to deal with the god forsaken lag of online co op of spartan ops too.

these are just some suggestions though.

Ordinance needs to be incorporated more fully with Spartan Ops.