Things I Want To See In Halo 6

[From a Small Youtubers Perspective. Thanks For Watching =]](

This is what I want to see(Prone to Editing) for Competitive Settings,Social,UI,Beta,Core features and playlists,campaign etc
UI and Playlist looks: Split it into Social and Ranked Arena,Separate Warzone Menu,Custom Game,Campaign and Customs Browser(AT Launch).Make the UI look great,clean and simple at the same time,not too clunky and oversaturated looking,like the Halo 5 Beta in some ways or other fan made UIS.
Tournament Organizers.MLG(ESL is fine BTW) but based on my,other competitive players and some pro players players opinion of how MLG used to handle Halo tourneys.

**Gameplay Mechanics(**being honest, understanding both sides of community thoughts on this 343)No matter what you guys may do w the mechanics,both sides cant be happy cause catering to different audiences is tough,even if you went classic Halo ,so with FRANK saying 343 will use h5 mechanics as foundations(a mistake imo and some peoples opinions,at least make a better compromise between those that prefer all or some of the current mechanics and those that prefer a bit slower paced halo 343,its not the best but its better than nothing and you guys can playtest em:)
Remove 3 of the most hated mechanics that break gameplay engagements the most and are the least skill based,Spartan Charge where you run around like a mindless,headless chicken chargin into people that also produces a knockback effect,Sprint breaks engagements by forcing you to lower your weapon to run away and get to other players and areas faster making you less ready to react to battles similar to halos 1-3 as when you always have your grenade and gun ready,finally in my opinion remove ADS completely for some weapons or re-design them to look more like the Tac Magnum more classic looking Zoom for all close range to mid range weapons like magnum,needler,storm rifle,brute rifle,smg,assault etc(remove ADS/damage/accuracy buff for smg,needler,assault rifle any UNSC/Covenant weapon) but still allow players to ADS on some weapons like BR,Magnum,UNSC and Covenant Weapons sniper and beam weapons.By removing sprint you have to automatically remove Slide and the benefit of removing sprint is the following:Maps are no longer stretched out by sprint n most abilities so they will look,play and be designed better.

Social Arena(subjective and objective ones) Infection with 3 different gametypes,5-10 maps,dev and community maps,Griffball 5-10 maps,dev and community maps w 3 gametypes,Social Slayer =dev maps only,Team Objective: A mix of slayer and Objective gametypes like Oddball,Slayer,CTF,Strongholds/king of the hill
BTB: 5 dev maps,5 community maps.Gametypes: BTB Slayer,BTB CTF,BTB Assault,One Flag CTF, and Arm the Bomb

Ranked Arena: No STATIC weapon pads like Halo 5,gives away too much info,needs to be hunt for power weapons like halos 1-3 and Gears of War, and basically this tells players" Hey here is a giant power weapon you can get,hey look over here",No silly little in-game spartan calling out snipers or rockets is up,Players need to know its up when they see it.,No grenade hit markers as this gives away too much info and increases the chances of throwing a random nade to finish off a kill cause the grenade hitmarkers reacts,weapon hitmarkers can remain.
HCS 2019 w competitive HCS Settings used in HCS tourneys, Extended Magnum only starts,power up n power weapon changes etc, Gametypes, Slayer,CTF,Strongholds,Oddball. Swat: 10 dev maps 3 different gametypes,magnum only swat,dmr swat,Swat 2 Flag(Basically Swat but w 1 Flag to capture and bring back to your base), FFA( IMO) 8 player w HCS ability only radar tracker,magnum only starts, AR/Magnum starts or remove Ar as starting weapon and make it a pickup weapon w the same amount of starting ammo or reduced)(Reduce the AR headshot damage Buff),w competitive power weapon/power up and grenades on map and map weapon pick up changes,less autos on map,Slayer: 10 dev maps,some community maps, Breakout:(Old Breakout w NO RADAR,No shotty Starts,Smg and Magnum starts,only way to score is to bring flag to enemy base.
Warzone Menu: 12 player limit Regular Warzone w 4 maps designed for open spaces w easy navigation w vehicles, Warzone Turbo: Same Player limit and maps,**Warzone Assault 4 maps.Warzone Firefight(**not sure if I like the current warzone or old firefight,I like old FF better but maybe a mix of old n new firefight w less bullet sponge bosses and varied,fun and team oriented objectives

EXP,Progression,Achievement and Armor Unlock System w a TRUE Incentive to a fun and rewarding grind based less on RNG and luck and more on the Objective and Skill: (Most people I know prefer this to Halo 5’s but maybe a ranking system similar to halo 3 or combination of both like a hybrid of h3 and h5.Halo '3 ELO system(h2 maybe)had an unlock and progression system that made your grind for an achievement and grind to a certain rank more fun and worthile,Armor and social experience more fun,more true rewarding based on skill and you actually doing the objective than to be randomly awarded for not actually doing anything to get that specific armor,weapon,vehicle like Halo 5 does.H6 needs an incentive reward to play the game for fun and competitively so players can come back to the game,get rewarded for playing social arena,ranked arena,warzone,not just in terms of packs but like,achievements,getting a specific armor based on what challenge you completed and the level of the difficulty of that challenge,(the harder challenge the better and more rare armor(vehicle,weapon etc).If the req system comes back make it less incentive and based on RNG rewards and Pay to WIN methods and packs(sometimes RNG can get you good stuff sometimes but players want to be rewarded for making any effort to get.

You should be able to purchase packs/earn them w credits/req points to buy a specific armor/armor parts in your armor menu(Halo 3 and Reach did it good here).We dont need 3 different variants of the same armor,2 is enough,make armors looks unique and different in their own way(if its a classic armor it should looks as close to the original as possible,make the armor menu look clean,crisp and not cycle through HUNDREDS of the almost same looking armor like Halo 5 does,it confusing,and hurt our eyes.
Core Features for Campaign and Multiplayer: An in-game commendation/challenge tracker that updates every now and then when you have just started the challenge,halfway through the challenge and when you have completed the challenge,like get a total of 50 Perfects in FFA.Its a bit annoying that you cant see your commendation level until AFTER you have completed the match,Halo Reach did this alright.
Playable Elites
(No lore reasons 343) you know we love playable elites nthey have been requested many times,AT Least add playable elites for social and customs.
They make the Halo experience more fun,varied and better youtube content for making Machninima example or customs.Splitscreen n LAN confirmed which is good,either aim for 900 p,30 frames per second so its as stable as possible,or if possible 1080p,30 fps or something),Par Time and Par Score for playing the campaign on time or score,skulls that you can pick up ad well and get achievements n armor if you get them ALL!, Carnage Report AKA Post Game Medals stats( and also make it possible for players to see how many medals they have gotten in-game as well in total so you dont have to just go to waypoint,A proper in game File Share and player Browser and Custom Games Browser,Dual Wielding for Social n Customs

Great video man and I love the ideas!

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> Great video man and I love the ideas!

Thanks You! =]

Good video man!

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> Good video man!

Thank you so Much For Watching!

To be honest I love your ideas but you forgot one thing in forge we could put AIs in so we can put training ops in or Recruitment lobbys so the ais can guard a specific area

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> To be honest I love your ideas but you forgot one thing in forge we could put AIs in so we can put training ops in or Recruitment lobbys so the ais can guard a specific area

WOW im so Happy you said that lol!! I was Thinking of that After i Finished the Custom Warzone Part but i did it all in one Take so it was too late to go back…But Hell Yeah!!
100 Percent. Im pretty Sure i Put FireFight in The Little Words at the Bottom to try and say AI Forge But i wish i Actually Said it out loud lol

Power weapon attatchments and the return of extended customization. PWA: Imagine a Sniper scoped pistol with explosive rounds.
Color Slider instead of a Grid. Unlockable decals, and unlockable gradients to apply to your armor.

We need A.Is that can be spawned. Could be used for big battles. I also hope that with the new console, they might be able to push the amount of players being able to be in custom games to something like 22-30 or even more so even larger carnage can be dealt.

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