Things I want in Halo 7.

Things I want in Halo 7 on Xbox Two (or whatever they call it):

  1. Lots and lots and lots of Offline support as well as the return of LAN. (Thunder storms happen. Power and internet go out. Smart people own generators. Offline Halo Customs is a tradition in my neck of the woods.)

  2. The return of splitscreen. (4k and 120 FPS is fine. No need to remove splitscreen for 8k and 240 FPS. Most people don’t care for augmented eyes, like most people didn’t care for 3D or 60 FPS way back in 2012- 2017)

  3. Bots in Custom games. We’ve wanted this since Halo 2. (They can put a man on the moon in the 60s, but nobody can seem to program a Spartan bot to play like a human does, like CoD was able to do in their first Black Ops game)

  4. Custom settings in Warzone like the ones we have in Halo 6, but in a way that lets us truly rebuild Firefight, the way we remembered it back in H3 ODST.

Halo 7? Jesus, people, can we all just worry about things related to Halo 5?

(I hope this is a joke)

Your 2 Halos ahead of the one coming out in October, just in case you hadn’t noticed.

No. Just no.