Things I wanna see in Halo 5

Okay I know the update is coming and I’m pumped. But I wanna mention a few things I would like to see 343 bring to Halo 5. Tell me what you think and also give your own suggestions as well.

  1. Daily/weekly challenges. They can reward with exp and Req points. It also gives you reasons to play different playlists and all that too.
  2. Fileshare. Like Halo 3 has. I don’t know about you guys but I posted things in my fileshare as bragging rights, something cool, funny or different. It gives a purpose to screen shot as play with theater.
  3. Firefight/Spartan Ops. It’s just different it’s also a good way to play with friends.
  4. A Classic playlist. I know this is harder to do because the maps are created around sprint and clamber, but with forge coming the possibility of a classic playlist is looking better.
  5. Action Sack. Just cool, fun, different game types and maps to have fun with. Something even more social than social sorta speak.

Those are my suggestions again tell me what you guys think, and also let me see your suggestions too.