Things I like and things I don't

---- Like ----

  • Smooth Looking
  • Cool Floating in air while aiming
  • The Feel of the Game Flow
    – Dislikes –
  • To many new and complex things
    *The thrust very inconsistent of use ability, To much detail that distracts players in battle (hard to explain).
  • To inconsistent damage to players
    *shoot a player with a BR about 4-5 times don’t die. they shoot me with in about 3-4 times I die and reversed. (or maybe I just suck idk)
  • rocket launcher looks like crap
  • don’t have a good system for the melee thrust. (don’t really know if im going to thrust or not)

Final Comments:
Really need to fix the thrusters and how they work with the remote. Also It would be cool if I could make my on mapping of the controls instead of having a bunch of different pre made control mappings.


That’s very constructive.

I know but It doesn’t feel like halo anymore with the thrusting and weird power punch to the ground thing. (not sure the name of that move) I think they should have just made it like halo 3 with sprint and ig the jump and floating in the air aim is ok but the random thrusting is lame and difficult to use. the shooting ig I could warm up to it. its just very hard to explain why I don’t like it. its cool but its too much.