Things I don’t like

Vehicles are disgustingly weak. They need to be buffed or weapons nerfed
No match XP is painful. 50XP per game is nowhere near enough
I want to play swat, where is it?
I want to play team snipers, where is it?
I want to play infection, where is it?
I want to play big team slayer on its own, where is it? Wtf is stockpiles and why am I forced to play it when I’m only searching big team for slayer?
The mangler doesn’t mangle anything
MTX are a joke and you know it
Do something different 343, people want different, not the same boring battle pass progression and MTX deal. Make the skins dirt cheap so people are encouraged to buy more?
I personally haven’t spent any money on this game other than for the battle pass which I regret as it takes way too long to level up
I’m a long time OG halo fan and you guys have ruined my multiplayer experience just to follow trends and make some money. Do you guys think you did a good job? Because literally no one is happy with this stuff
The game itself is fun and feels like halo but the trend chasing and money greed ruins it for me
I’ll be sticking to campaign when it releases, until this joke of a multiplayer experience is fixed in no doubt years to come because you guys are clearly in no rush. “But it’s free to play” I’m aware, but I’d happily pay money for a game with higher standards.
TLDR: not happy, pls fix so I’m encouraged to play

Was wondering how long it would take before the toxicity from reddit spllied over to the forums.

Not that bad but a win incentive would be nice.

I’m sure they’ll add playlists on “release” in Dec 8th

Three shot kill if you can land the headshot


Considering I’m level 20 on week two, I’ll finish the battle pass waaaay before the season ends.

They’re being crummy with monetization for the first bit to catch all the whales and such, then they’ll “listen to the community” and make it a little better for more mass appeal.