Things i didn't like about halo 4

Halo 4 is without a doubt a great game. But deep down i am hoping it was a mere transitional game for a much better halo 5.

Halo 4 was built on alot of great ideas. But i feel that they were barely touched. A couple of things bothered me in both multiplayer and campaign:

-too much lone wolfing- chief is a badass, he doesnt need anyone to help him but humanity is at war. why is he the only one fighting. all previous halos had you fighting alongside and taking control of a small fireteam where reinforcements would replace any fallen. in halo 4 this hardly happened. most of what happened was done by chief alone. even in the mammoth unsc soldiers were nowhere to be found.

-lack of explosive awe- i may be being a slight nitpick here but the thing i remember most about halo 3 was seeing a scarab blow up and parts went everywhere. halo 4 explosions looked like a jpg fireball being thrown over a disappearing phantom in comparison. in the very first mission it was a slight dissapointment to get all the to the missile for a cool cutscene only to be let down by an explosion that just felt out of place

-the music- i wont say much about the music other than it fell short of o’donnell’s(not sure if it spelled it correctly) work. it kinda lost that other wordly tribal feeling it had going. some of them felt inspired by starwars and the like

-the force- while on the subject of starwars… force choking felt out of place. i get the forerunners being an ancient civilization with tech beyond our immagination, which was definitely shown on requiem and the promethean weaponry. but didact choking chief from across a battlefield seemed inexplicable. i do know that the weapons have floating parts along with the forerunner buildings but i always looked at that as just the advanced tech as opposed to a mystical power that kept the parts together. i think the didacts power should be explained somewhat.

-first person cinematics- i loved seeing this in reach and only prayed 343 would keep doing it. not only did they but they took a step further by making it interactive. my only wish is that there was more of it.

-dmr vs br- dmr wins. every time i dont know the whole damage ratios between the two but it doesnt seem fair i like the idea of a burst gun but it simply doesn’t fit

-where is assault- assault went missing. it was my favorite game mode even though not many players played it. even so i think it was worth keeping. i went through the trouble of rigging extraction to be a bootlegged assault in forge but it’s not the same. i also miss the grab bag playlist that would randomize the game mode and map. big team battle not big team slayer

-customization- why does it have to be so difficult to customize? there should be a way around it. unlocking things more frequently keeps players involved longer, instead were stuck trying to get 1000 kills with every weapon for just one stance. i think there should be more rewards that are unlocked easier.

-camos- thank you. nothing made me happier than seeing a new take on the carbines appearance i only ask for more and that they are earned by using the weapon.

In Conclusion:
Halo 4 took alot of forward steps that are changing the way it is played. Some steps to me were just not big enough. and while moving forward to not look past subtleties that make a difference. it is not my intent to discourage just to inform and suggest. i am not giving up halo regardless of the decisions made. but i do hope that halo 4 was a great precurser to an epic halo 5.

-too much lone wolfing:


Requiem had a similar start to CE level Halo but with no marines around, the Hogs just felt misplaced. I ditched it for a Ghost.

Also, marine support has been waning since Reach. Their contribution has become very meager. Most of the time, they’ll just fight off some enemies then stay behind. If you try to push them to the next area, they will resist and if you manage to overcome that, they’ll likely deload.

In past games, they could travel with you to the end of the level or for a huge chunk of it. And even if they were obstinate, it was still possible to get them there. With much effort, you could have a marine army on Outskirts, Tsavo Highway, and The Covenant (not to mention flipping marines out of Pelicans in various Halo 3 missions…).