Things halo ranking systems are missing

Looking back across all games that I’ve played I have began to notice why the halo ranking/reward system has begun to lack substance. Though this won’t gain any sort of momentum and most people will not agree I’m going to give my two cents.

First let me give some back ground, I started halo at halo 2 but was too young to play online so offline play was my only experience with that. My true first halo experience in terms of ranking was halo 3 and I played two good years of halo 3 multiplayer with almost zero days of not playing. My max rank was a colonel which I think was around level 35 or 40. This was and is my favorite halo game.

I played reach and cheated and got deranked so, whoopsies.

I played halo 4 and legitimately got to level 130.
Now to my main point and the whole reason why you’re listening to some random guy on the Internet. Why is it that the halo ranking system is lacking? What is it that I seriously believe is the thing I miss the most as a player. Rewards. Plain and simple. With halo 3 we had the skull hyabusa armor and the security armor/katana chest for 1000 pointing the game. We had actual legitimate ranks that everyone could see. Yes we had numbers but we had actual specific icons for each rank and even when someone was stuck at commander of they were ranked to strike commander you’d still think “holy -Yoink- this guy is good”.

You may still be wondering why an icon matters in the first place. Well to be simple, I feel as if a number such as 45 is not nearly as rewarding as having an overall rank of a brigadier. So for one big change I think we need to keep the numbers but give us actual images and rewards for our rank.

Now I don’t hate halo 4 or think 130 is insignificant. The best part about halo 4 was the fact that when you did something difficult like getting x amount of kills with covenant weapons you got an armor as a reward which is perfect, it’s absolutely 100% perfect. Unfortunately though is that the coveted 1000 point achievement armor was no where to be found. And for 130 all we got was an emblem. Which is nice but it’s not like 130 is near impossible to get like level 50.

So in my opinion, bring back the symbols, we want a visual reward not just a level 50 to show as our highest level. We want to be generals again! Second, give us some rewards, if I beat the campaign on Laso I should get an awesome set of armor that shows it. Third. Achievements need rewards. 1000 pointing the game means nothing without something to show for it.

Summing everything up with one word. REWARDS. If you read this, thank-you. That’s just my opinion anyway.
Edit: I forgot to mention what I loved about Reach. The MASSIVE amount of armor. The credit system for leveling was awful but when you got to buy a really nice piece of armor or make your character look huge the game was great. Best case scenario, Halo 3 ranking system with the Halo Reach armor selection.

Not trying to step on your toes here but you really need to space out your paragraphs, it makes it so much easier on the eyes and most people will actually stick around to read the whole thing :slight_smile:

The reason I say this is because you’ve clearly put a lot of effort into your thread. People that put effort into their threads deserve to be heard. Space it out a bit and you’ll be good to go!

EDIT: Good job, much better. I also think it’s very important to keep rewarding the players, even if it’s just an icon, it’s better than nothing.

Ok thanks I’ll definitely do that!

I never once saw a strike commander and thought he was going to be really good, sorry.

Those extra ranks just told you who wasn’t good enough to rank up in ages.

That is a good point. Five star general would have been a better example, I was just trying to expand on the whole diversity of ranks thing