Things Halo 5 Needs

Halo 5 needs:

Infection-Both as a temporary playlist in the arena and also as a CUSTOM GAME AND FORGE OPTION!
-------So I can make maps like hide and seek, and other 1 vs Multiple enemy gametypes.

Juggernaut gametype

Fix forge glitches

Add your own below!!!

For sustainability,
My honest opinion is that Halo 5 needs to include all classic gametypes from previous Halo. Followed shortly by a more robust file share and new professionally designed maps. To do so many Forge maps comes across as lazy.

In other words Halo 5 needs what Halo games have had for a decade now.

When you really think about that, it’s kind of depressing. Shouldn’t we be getting more stuff as time goes on? Especially since we are on a more powerful console now?

Sorry. I just think its kind of sad we are asking for stuff that, in some cases, has been in Halo as a standard feature since Halo CE.

I think 343 needs to follow a baseline. Every new Halo game that comes out we shouldn’t have to play a guessing game of what made the cut and what didn’t.