Things Halo 5 Multiplayer needs

Alright so it’s been a little over a month since Halo 5 came out, and I feel the game is fantastic, aside from the lack of story from campaign, but this is more about multiplayer and what it needs to improve the overall game experience, I’m not gonna go over what’s already known to be coming out like forge

Number One: We need to have social playlists in arena, ranking is a good thing for the highly competive players, but we need to have social playlists for thoses of us who just want to have fun and things like Big Team Battle and the current weekend playlist FFA Rockets shouldn’t be ranked

Number Two: More Maps, I know more are on the way but, the lack of maps makes the few maps that are out repetitive, something I’d like to see is the community submit forge maps after forge had been released, that everyone can vote on for their favorites, it will atleast expand the variety of maps for every gametype

Number Three: More Gametypes, Juggernaut, Assault, Oddball, and a big one for me infection, need to be released to the game very soon, Slayer, CTF, Breakout, Warzone, and Strongholds can only satisfy me for so long

Thoses are a few things that I think and I’m sure many others can agree with me, that the multiplayer needs, if you have anything you want to add feel free to do so, and hopefully 343 will look at this Forum and others like it and do something about it

It needs Sprint and Clamber removed, proper maps, and 1-50.

I agree entirely, but pls 343, party restrictions.

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> It needs Sprint and Clamber removed, proper maps, and 1-50.

I hope you realize 1-50 works almost identically to the system we have now with the exception that leagues give you a “safety net” at the bottom. I love the ranking system as it sort of goes along with other games I’ve played such as League and Starcraft.

1-10 = Bronze
11-20 = Silver
21-30 = Gold
31-40 = Platinum
41-45 = Diamond
46-49 = Onyx
50 = Champion

Obviously just made that up but… the change you’re asking for is so insignificant. League balance will happen during the seasons when people replay their placement matches with a more accurate KDA. I’ve found that FFA and Swat are very generous with where you get ranked as well. I also wouldn’t be opposed to being demoted below your league though which would make it 100% identical to the 1-50 method you want. That is literally the only difference lol. I would actually argue their current system provides more balance since… let’s say a player deserves to be a “level 40.” Well he doesn’t have to go through and lay a train down on all the casuals. After 10 games he is placed around level 40.

As for sprint and clamber, I don’t mind it. It’s not a game changer to me. That’s an opinion though and I respect yours.