Things halo 4 needs

in my opinion these are some things i think would make halo 4 the best halo game yet and please tell me what you think if you agree tell me why if you don’t tell me why and what you would add

1 it needs a campaign experience like halo 1, Mysterious. You need to feel like your exploring and uncovering secrets and mysteries of the universe like in halo 1. Its ending need to be at a good spot were you feel like you achieved something big but still have a sense of mastery. i mean cliff hungers are fine but there over used. it need some kind of ending that allows a smooth transition between halo 4 and halo 5 where you fell like you just saved the universe with out having a joykill ending like halo 2. you stop the halo from firring than 343 guilty spark ruins it by saying you just put the rings on stand by to all be fired at once, see it left no room for a sense of accomplishment i think halo 1 did a great job at this you escaped from the doomed halo, an than watch it explode. cortana says your the only ones left alive but you had to do it to save humanity you stooped the flood killed a bunch of covenant and save the earth there is that sense of accomplishment and there was room of a sense of mystery when crotana says it over we stop the flood bla bla( what i said up above ) than master chief said no i think its just getting started see the perfect ending.

2 an over all great multi player experience and these are some suggestion i think would make this happen

first a ranked system based on skill to make it first to rank up you need to win the game and have a +kill death ratio with a set minimum amount of kills and ranks 1-100 these things would widen the gap between skill level making so its not to easy or to hard. I expand on it more on another of my post at - -

second firefight you should be be able to choose to plays as an ODST or a spartan have complete control over each wave not just rounds. bring every enemy from every halo game (including the flood and this new enemy) I expand on it more on another of my post at - -

third a custom game lobby in matchmaking where you could choose to host or find a host with a mandatory screen listing the rules of the game made by host so every one knows the rules and if you breack them the host can boot you and a daily rep were players can see the popularity of the host it would show how many people joined the game and quit the game if more people left the game than you know its a dumb game and not to join it and its daly so it resets every day that way a host rep wont be destroyed permanently. I expand on it more on another of my post at

forth forge you should be able to change the terrain the weather and water tress rokes hill ect change the whole feel of the map more maps like forge would and alot more objects and be able to forge firefight maps. change the Bidget system to a byte system list how much space you have that keeps the map stable list how much space ever individual object takes up and then add a reference chart or something like the show how much space should be use for the make a good feeling map and break in down into groups like weapons, scenery, structure and spawning ect…