They've cut Halo 5 out of Waypoint and are trying to pretend it never existed, and I'm not happy about it. (Personal thoughts.)

Yeah, this title says the most important part of this topic. But before anything, I have to ask, what do you think of the way Halo 5 was treated? My thoughts are below.

I still cannot get over the fact that 343 decided to try and cut Halo 5 out of the continuity and forget it existed. Yes, a lot of fans disliked the game for many reasons, but there were a lot of fans who loved the game for some of the same reasons. I loved the game for Achilles, for Infection and Grifball. Some people hated the game for all three of those things because you often think of sweats when you hear those mentioned. I don’t blame them, but it wasn’t worth trying to literally disown Halo 5 because the campaign was bad or the players disliked the game. It deserved better than it got, and last time I checked it beats Infinite in terms of matchmaking stability and cheaters in matchmaking being rare, if existent at all. I know they’re fixing those things on Infinite but the point remains that they should have planned ahead. Now they’re behind and trying to catch up, leaving their players confused and unsatisfied. They should not have gone down the path they chose to take, because Halo 5 was better than they’re willing to give it credit for. Yes, it was really bad in certain areas. But it remains the best in others even after Infinite dropped. It was condemned largely for it’s campaign, and for some reason that was enough for 343 to basically treat it like a demon and try to douse it in holy water to get rid of it. I’m just tired of 343’s way of making decisions. They removed grifball in Halo 5 after claiming it didn’t have enough “consistent players.” But they felt the need to keep in a bunch of stupid modes, and now look at the multiplayer selection. At this point I’m halfway convinced they tried to purposely make Halo 5 unappealing by ruining certain weapons (They trashed the Battle rifle, don’t even try to deny it.) And by removing fan favorite modes, like grifball or action sack and keeping in things like quick play (Which had an incredibly misleading fireteam limit.) I’m willing to admit that the multiplayer had it’s faults, yes. But at least it excelled where it got things right. Halo 5 had so much potential, but fans decided to snuff it’s flame out in a little over six or seven years. Most of the Halo titles have made it around a decade or so, if not more before 343 says they’re dropping support. But that wasn’t the case with 5. And I’m very displeased about the way they unceremoniously washed their hands of it. Unfortunately I’m only one player, and I know I’m shouting into a void which will never so much as wonder what I might think of the way it does things. But that won’t stop me from trying.


they punished the multiplayer because the bad campaign, and that was unfair, they stopped to give updates too early, and now with infinite they cut, rotational playlists and companies, very bad move from them


They haven’t cut it out of the continuity. Infinite’s story is literally impossible without 5 having happened.

They just have nothing else to do with it.

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That’s what they aways do.
It’s been years, it’s time to stop believing or expecting 343i.
They always say that they love halo and they will listen to the opinions of the players, but in fact they just do what they want to do and use the opinions of some players as a shield.

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the peek of halo 5 was its beta after that they spent its life trying to make it halo 3… imagine if halo wars spent its life cycle trying to become halo 3

they should have just kept it as it was because now would you rather play the current halo or halo 5 well id rather play the game that dosent hate itself

halo 5 was meant to be fast halo its suppose to be a different type of game people said its like call of duty but i say it was better because its ttk was slightly slower allowing for out playability it was more like destiny expect with none of the space magic

halo 5 beta was the peek of halo 5


As someone who played Halo 5 as my first Halo game and spent thousands of hours on it, 343 cutting Halo 5 out of Waypoint is massively insulting.


Yeah lot of people don’t realize there was another whole conflict between 5 and INF. And its partly due to that legendary ending shot of Zeta Halo at the end of Halo:5 along with the way THAT EXACT SAME SHOT is used and panned from at the very beginning of INF. Giving the illusion that we are seeing the infinity after attempting to slip space jump to avoid Cortana and her guardians from the end of halo 5. Obviously we learn the truth in a backwards fashion, cause, audio logs.

The moment they mentioned Operation Breaker Trip and the relocating of Osiris & Blue team made my stomach sink but narrative-wise, you gotta move forward somehow.


Halo 5 best halo game. Clean gun play, advanced movement, actual skill gaps, good maps, good modes, commendation based unlocks. Infinite feels like a step backwards and into what every single other game is copy and pasted. If halo 5 wasnt xbox exclusive it would be one of the best games to exist in the overall gaming community. Sad you cant even matchmake into a game now.


I just kinda’ look at it this way: If people wanna’ play as just Chief so bad, then we get to play catch up with the big green man proper, y’know?


I recently replayed Halo 5 to refresh myself on the story before playing Halo Infinite. There is no doubt that the campaign story is not very good.

The overall level design is very nice and beautiful in many places. The story is where it really struggles.

The multiplayer of H5 IMHO is the pinnacle of the series. It is so good and honestly until Call of Duty Warzone came out in 2020, H5 was still the best multiplayer on the market. Period.

This is the problem with H5. The campaign was so bad, the marketing for it was such an awful bait and switch, that it soured the overall H5 experience for many people.

I will say this I’ve played Halo for 20 years and I played more Halo 5 than any other Halo game ever. I put in over 2,000 multiplayer matches and nearly 2,000 Warzone matches. I would argue a Warzone matches is as long as 2.2 to 2.5 multiplayer 4v4 matches, so you could say comparing H5 to all the other Halos I did over 5,000 games of H5 multiplayer.

It is still fantastic and it is a shame 343 has turned it into a red-headed step child.


I have to agree with you. If Halo 5 had been brought to PC it would have been huge. I would argue it would have been even bigger than MCC was when it came to the PC.

The campaign struggled there is no doubt there, but for years and years Halo 5 multiplayer was the best in the business.


The campaign bait and switch, req packs, and like infinite missing gametypes and forge at launch.
I forget if there was no split screen in h5
These deficiencies at launch crippled h5


na they didnt help but i think there direction they took really sealed it fate… they should have kept it just like it was in the beta that would have aged way better especially with infinite coming out both fan based would have their own game to play

instead they watered halo 5 down and now no one likes it.

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Considering the fact that the story was just Brian Reed’s fanfiction that he pushed upon us all, I am glad that we are softly ret-conning this game out of the timeline.


@RamboBambiBambo, hell, they seem to have retconned Brian Reed out of our timeline. Is the dude chained in a room like Sloth?

Nah. He is poisoning some other writer’s work I bet.
Unless he actually learned from his writing critisisms over the past decade and a half.

Wouldn’t necessarily say they cut it out due to use in the Halo 5 forums, that being said, yeah to an “ Extent “ Halo 5 is being “ Masked “

Fun Fact tho ; Anyone can fact check me on this, be my guess…

  • Halo 5 has a Review Rating of 4.1 On the Xbox Store

Halo The Master Chief Collection has a Review Rating of 4.3

Halo 3 ( Xbox 360 ) Has a review Rating of 4.9

  • Halo Infinite Has a Review Rating of 3.2

Let that sink in and marinate… The game that most players trashed on has an Higher rating than Halo Infinite. :pinched_fingers:t2: ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL


and overall halo infinite has better rating than 5. just look at the awards it got. I doubt 5 even got one award
Idk h5 has 3.3 rating for me not that it matters to me


What awards are you talking about?

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Still is.

It’s over 6 years since Halo 5 came out and it still has the best multiplayer gameplay of any FPS ever. The movement is unparalleled and the gameplay design choices are perfect (unlike Infinite which crippled movement by removing thrusters, stabilizers, Spartan Charge, Ground Pound, and making sprint slow; and by unbalancing gameplay by adding in equipment).