They’ve done my favourite emblem dirty

I’ve been using the Ace of spades emblem since 2004, and was so excited to see when it came back only to find out they’ve butchered my baby :frowning:

Anyone else have any favourite emblems they can’t rock out on halo infinite?


Skin colored grenade with left-to-right, skin-colored, gradient background. Alternative Toggle: On.

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I’ve used the Brute emblem in every Halo but it wasn’t available in 4/5 or Infinite.

Sad times. When he comes to the shop I’ll be taking MS Word’s Clippy for a spin around the multiplayer.


I saw they added the fleur de lis but Im pretty sure I cant make it Saints colors which is sad

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First Time?

I haven’t been able to use my Champion star (pictured here as my gamerpic) since 2010 or 2014 depending on how you spin it. At least your emblem is even in the game.

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What are you talking about? The Brute emblem only appears in Halo 2 and Halo 5.

Yeah mine hasn’t been available since Halo 3.

It’s just something you gotta accept

I used it in Halo 3 for 15 years buddy. Still got it today.

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White skull with either a Black or Brown Cowboy hat. I miss it.

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I have my Spartan Swords emblem, I just don’t have my Colour Palette for it

My mistake; thought it got removed for Halo 3. However, I’m still half right as it was available in Halo 5.

I haven’t got it though due to RNG

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I like my custom drawn hell hound emblem I made when this game released better then the one you can unlock from the battle pass lol.

Oh well, guess I’ll be sticking to my 3 on my spartan till something I might use pops up lol.

I don’t know if they have or haven’t included it yet, but I loved to use the hornet, like the bug, emblem with the two horizontal bars as the background.

It’s a picture. If you’re that upset you shouldn’t be playing this game as it’ll be too much for you emotionally.


Clearly, they’ve been playing Halo for many years. It’s just some light criticism. It’s not like the homie sees an emblem done dirty and they immediately implode and kill everyone within a five-mile radius.


Still waiting for classic emblems to return. Do I need to pay 343 $20 for Runes? Had it all these years. Come ooonnnnnnn.


i don’t think anyone here is actually upset mate :joy:

The wasp is gone, been using it since 2004 as well.
The only replacement is the “I love bees”… “Thing”, and it’s nowhere close to the wasp.

Now I’m eyeing the spider… Thing in the BP, but even that has parts which aren’t appealing to me.

I’ve used the Delta emblem since Halo 2, but it wasn’t in any game since Reach. However, to their credit, I like the Sol Testing Grounds logo in Infinite much better.

They did add a rabbit in Guardians that I hope to see return to Infinite.