They Took. ( Halo Reach Short Machinima )

I am aware of the sounds coming from the mic. I have no software to remove sounds like this yet. So i just tried to hide it with the music.

Please tell me what you think i would of put so much more effort into it but i was using Bungie pro and only had 5 render minutes.




1.) You mentioned the Microphone static. The tone and accent are really detectable and distracting. The voice was not at all suitable for the theme of this Machinima and it deterred me away from being immersed into watching it.

2.) The darkness at the first few seconds was really uncessary and ultimately made things to hard to see. I know you tried to go for the effect of Dark and Gloomy but you had it WAY too dark for the audience to properly distinguishe details. I had to strain my eyes to see those things.

3.) In terms of Halo Canon, Halo was NOT Hope for the UNSC. It was as big as a problem as the Covenant or the newly encountered Flood. Why do you think Cortana and Chief destroyed the first Halo Ring? I know in the Halo: Reach Epilogue, Halsey refers Halo as a saviour but that is only because John managed to cripple the Covenant’s beliefs and military through its destruction which gave Humanity the push it needed to surive.


This was not very good. Shoddy voice acting aligned with choppy effects and a boring plot made this almost unwatchable. Thoust haveth been warned!

Thanks? I guess.

> Thanks? I guess.

Don’t take the advise and the way I write the short summary to heart. I needed to be blunt without any hesistation or praise so that you could see the mistakes in this video so that you may improve on them in the future.

Yeah i know. But im now literally editing now. And brightening it up.