They Should Use Unreal Engine 4 For Project Tatanka

Personally they should use UE4. If they use UE5, I fear that the game won’t be on the Xbox One. Wasn’t it said that the game would have been on Xbox One? Like, wasn’t it going to be a mode for Halo Infinite that’s its own thing? I could care less about the graphics. I’d rather have a game that plays well than one that looks pretty.

The upcoming Forza Motorsport is made with newer consoles only, BUT will be playable on XB1 via xCoud, so Halo can receive similar treatment I think. Let’s be honest, XB1 is 10yo already, and it wasn’t any good with that Jaguar CPU the day it launched, the sooner the devs stop supporting old consoles the better.

I’m still hoping they use Slipspace. I seriously doubt that they’d abandon Slipspace after spending money and time developing it.

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I’m still hoping they use Slipspace. I seriously doubt that they’d abandon Slipspace after spending money and time developing it.

They already said, Tatanka will not be a mode for Infinite but its own game and that they will use UE going forward

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The Blam! Engine had a good run.

Unfortunately it was slammed into the wall at Mach 7 with the 6.0 update. And knowing how 343 is when it comes to updates, it will probably be a good five years of work for them to do a six-month fix.

The Blam! Engine had a good run.
Unfortunately it was slammed into the wall at Mach 7 with the 6.0 update

Thats what you get when you outsource the development of your inhouse engine. Absolutely braindead they did this in the first place

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Probably because the main development staff were too busy with the paid vacation that they managed to get greenlit.

You know, the world-tour that was Outpost Discovery that likely brought a few too many key members of development out of the office to go and market the game for us instead of a marketing group going to do that anyway?

Pushing away responsibility and blaming everything and everyone around is not the way to go to begin with, nor ot brings anything good or fixes anything in the end result.

Contractor or full-time employee, it doesn’t matter at all if you do your job right. And there were hundreds of 343 employees that could always voice their concerns lijke, hey, this will handicap us in the long term, this is not how it should work, this will unable us to do this and that later on, and so on.

Let’s just agree to cut the crap - hundreds of people worked on this game for over half a decade, and not a single one of them had brain to realize they won’t be able to just extend the playlist with additional modes without throwing out the ones that are already in? Or that if they decided to go with F2P model and make money on the cosmetics instead then people should be able to actually buy them in the first place? Really? Not a single person? There’s absolutely NO excuse, every single person who worked on the game is directly responsible for its final form, not just contractors, not just the executives, not just the managers, literally everyone. Keep in mind all those people were there the whole time, not just for Infinite but ever since Bungie left, and they didn’t learn absolutely nothing for all that time.

But that was still a leak though right? I’d take the leaks with a grain of salt until 343 says something.

Perhaps so, but I’d still imagine that using BLAM! is cheaper and more efficient (if they stop using a majority contract workers) than Unreal.

But that was still a leak though right? I’d take the leaks with a grain of salt until 343 says something

Nah 343 has a record of outsourcing most of the development of their games, and i think its kinda official that they outsourced the engine development to contractors as well, so the timely limited workers need to learn the code before they can start working, creating a very unproductive and crunchy workflow.

Perhaps so, but I’d still imagine that using BLAM! is cheaper and more efficient (if they stop using a majority contract workers) than Unreal

Well, having actually employed devs learn the engine going forward would be the best in the longterm, but that takes time and money Microsoft probably isnt willing to give them after all.
Leaving infinite as is and going with an easy-to-use engine like UE going forward is the cheaper option tho

Halo Infinite is still using the Blam! engine tho.
It is just being called the Slipspace Engine and their upgrade to he engine this time around has been riddled with issues.

And yes, 343 does over-rely on contractors; which was a great hinderance since part of their contracted time is getting to know the tools they will be using and then trying to put their skillset to use while still not knowing certain aspects of the engine they are working with. And then likely around the time that these contract devs get comfortable and confident with their ability with the tools at hand, their contract is up and they are likely not to be re-contacted for another year or so.

The best halo games were made on the blam engine.

Its not the software. Its 343s incompetence. Locking the next halo game to actual next gen hardware would help.

All the FPS Halo games were made on the Blam! Engine, just updated each time around.
Halo CE was Blam! 1.0
Halo 2 was Blam! 2.0
Halo 3 was Blam! 3.0
Halo 3 ODST was Blam! 3.1 in a sense.
Halo Online was also going to be Blam! 3.1.
Halo Reach was Blam! 4.0
Halo CE Anniversary was a combination of Saber 3D & Blam! 10
Halo 4 was an updated version of Halo Reach’s engine, so it is Blam! 4.1 I believe.
Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign was a combination of Saber 3D and Blam! 2.0
Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer was an updated version of Halo 4’s engine, so that would make it Blam! 4.2
Halo 5 Guardians was Blam! 5.0
Halo Infinite is done in Blam! 6.0 - however it was overhauled and redesigned to such a degree this time around that it was deemed acceptable to rename the engine as the Slipspace Engine.


For an engine that has been around since 1997 with only small updates at a time, it is honestly a surprise that the Halo series is not riddled with game-breaking bugs and glitches in the past.
Well, Halo 2’s earlier build WAS a terrible mess that required the devs to scrap everything and start from scratch to try again; resulting in an engine build that is so unstable that one of the designers described it as held together by luck, duct-tape, and lucky that it isn’t on fire all the time (honestly it is no wonder why MCC PC had so many issues in Halo 2 on release of the port; such as players having bullets that teleported above other players if two or more players happened to be looking at the floor. Even grenades and rockets teleported.)

100% agree with this sentiment.
The Slipspace Engine was supposed to showcase the graphical fidelity of the Xbox Series X and boast about how well it ran everything.
Do you remember that early Halo Infinite announcement trailer? The one I am attaching below?


This trailer has become a bit controversial as people like to point out that Halo Infinite has no wildlife outside of small animals and birds that scatter.
But this was not an announcement of what content would be in the game. 343 Industries worked with a contracted marketing studio that was tasked with making not only an announcement trailer but a demonstration of what the engine was capable of rendering.
Unfortunately this showcased what the engine was capable of performing in pre-rendered cinematics to a degree and did NOT showcase gameplay.

Rendering a cutscene and rendering a complicated sequence within a game that is active and randomly scripted based on player inputs, positioning, surrounding assets and NPCs, plus a whole lot of other things I am leaving out is what we eventually got to see in the gameplay reveal trailer. And while it looked stunning, it still had plenty of faults that people picked apart.

The engine admittedly needs plenty of work done but it also needs better supporting systems.
And when you are also instructed to make your game work for both the previous generation of consoles WHILE ALSO being fully functional in the new generation of consoles, it becomes a logistical nightmare as you are being told to hit as hard as you can while also simultaneously pulling your punches so that older hardware can run the system.
This is like trying to make Halo 3 run on the OG Xbox.
Is it possible? Perhaps.
But you most certainly WILL have issues and possibly a house fire on your hands.

In hindsight, Market Scalping is a serious crime that absolutely NEEDS to have Scalpers reported to the authorities be SWAT raided so that consoles and systems can be more properly distributed; as this was the most likely culprit as to why Halo Infinite is even available on the previous generation of consoles.
Having played this game on my PC, my Xbox One Vanilla, and my Xbox Series X; I can tell you that this game runs smoothly on the Series X, has the occasional hiccup when on PC, and runs as effectively as an senior citizen does when asked to sprint with a cinderblock on their back in a race against Usain Bolt when played on the Xbox One.

Because of the aforementioned reasons I entail above, it might be more the fault of Xbox Publishing Studios and Microsoft trying to maximize player counts and force this game to be forwards-compatible cross-gen rather than just make it simplified to the Series X/S and PC systems.

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