they should have made 4 votes for TS

2 for Default slayer and Dmr’s and 2 for TU slayer and DMRs.

because as of right now, it’s really starting to feel like the vote is rigged. I try to get a TU game, and all that appears is Tu elite slayer, Ar’s, and slayer pro. Not only that, but it’s all mostly on some of THE WORST maps in that playlist.

I often find my self dash boarding so I don’t have to go through the mind numming, rage educing maps in that playlist.

i’v quit about 50 games so far (I think.) and have only been banned 3-4 times.

at least I dash board from games when the vote has been made, and is counted into the total vote the 343 is holding here. Which give me the opportunity to hope party to party, and voting for the Tu as much as I can. Yup.