They should change the name from arena rank to slayer rank

I don’t know who thought of putting 8 slayer games every 10 games the worst gametype of all competitive halo and that’s not the worst the worst is when they force you to play it 3 times in a row it needs a change something else they need to rotate the maps more and upload more the percentage of bazzar spawning once every 15 games. argyle comes out every 20 catalyst every 8 while you have in replay mode recharge 4 times, streets 3 times, live fire 3 and aquarium 2 for a whole year that the game has been released. Another thing, learn to rotate the servers, it is unfair that you play against the same people 3 times in a row and it is on their server, besides that you have to play with the same people because no one plays anymore, you are also forced to play 100% on their server while you are at 90 pin and they play on their home court from 40 and below … be fair.

now how to fix it? we all know and it has to do with the UI of the game it needs a voting system which we all already know playing different maps makes the game feel fresh but if you play the same 4 for a whole year the game starts to get boring plus it makes it look old and repetitive What will happen when they put the pit in a rank? once every 30 games ??? Argyle should be the map that comes out the most… because it’s the newest map is your sword is your last card and it’s the least played since the winter update came out. I’ve only played it twice! That has to change and when is Koth going to be add it back?

A voting system is a great suggestion. I would love that.


There are downsides if you remember reach or 4.

Reach everyone just trolled voting. H4 everyone just voted haven. After like 6 months you could check any h4 players profile and they would have played haven 60% of the time - makes all the other maps unused. In infinite I imagine based on what I’ve read it would be live fire and recharge 50% combined, rest of the maps 50%. Infinites map pool is weak at best, I don’t think people will event pick detachment and argyle after a handful of matches.

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Slayer would prob be better. It’s hard to play anything else with people you don’t know and that don’t communicate. I’ve been super frustrated lately and about done even trying to play ranked. Tired of 3v4 and people doing the lone wolf thing. At least they need to look and individual performance and not take a bunch of rank away when your team loses. Had the opposing team racking up kills on a player we had that was either desync or just AFK. Cost us the game and it’s rough to lose like that when one player goes like

Still no word on when they’re bringing King of the Hill back into Ranked…?

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Thats why a dedicated slayer and objective playlist HAS to be there… like it was in every Halo. Pair it with a match composer and you get a decent system. But 343 thought it was a good idea to change things just for the sake of changing things. And it went, like everytime 343 thought it’s good to change working and accepted things, horrible wrong…

I definitely do not want a voting system. Voting systems in past games made Halo so boring because people would choose the same maps and modes repeatedly.

However, I definitely do want more variety and would like to play objective games way more often than Slayer (I enjoy Attrition and Elimination, and I consider them to be objective game modes). Unfortunately, objective playlists tend to be less popular, so until Halo Infinite has a much more active player base, an objective playlist might not be viable.

This is why I’ve been dying to have the Mixtape feature from Titanfall 2 implemented in the main Halo games.