They should asign odst's to players.

it would work that each player would have his own ODST that would follow him, and if he died he would respawn every round.(or set) this would be alot more better then having them just standing still

This would only work in firefight limited, or something along the lines of it though as there’s no point of having marines in the firefight playlists we have now

That’s a wonderful idea, but I don’t think the AI can be altered now that the map has shipped.

But I’m told that the ODSTs dropped off by Pelicans actually do follow you into combat. The ones that spawn on the structure just defend that structure, presumably so that you have a safe point to spawn at at all times. You won’t see dropship-spawned ODSTs in Matchmaking, though; apparently, they count as “weapon drops”, which are disabled in the Firefight Arcade gametypes.