They said they can add anything? Chopper Please!!

So there is one, awesome, awesome vehicle that is missing from halo 5 and hasn’t been seen since halo 3, and that is the Brute Chopper.

I remember reading that 343 said something along of the lines of the skys the limit where adding reqs and warzone content is concerned, lets bring back arguably the most fun vehicle in halo 3!

We also desperately need UNSC aerial vehicles, like the hornet or something.

There are plenty of old vehicles missing. Spectre from Halo 2. Chopper, Hornet, Prowler from Halo 3. There aren’t any Brutes in this game which is why I believe the Chopper and Prowler aren’t present. The Spectre probably won’t return since they designed the Prowler. The Hornet is the only vehicle I see that may possibly return, unless they bring like a Brute DLC but I don’t see that either.

How about a nice Chopper-themed warthog instead. You know, to go with your other 27,000 variants

Maybe January will be a “Brute Pack” with the Gravity Hammer, Brute Shot, Chopper, Prowler, and 2 Halo 3 Brute-Inspired armor sets.

So here’s something:

Why even mention the prowler and the spectre, two of the most worthless vehicles in halo history?

And during halo 4, chief towards the end of the game gets teleported to a sort of Promethean storage area where low and behold, there’s a gravity hammer. Yet there isn’t a single brute in the game or even mentioned.

Please, don’t limit content because it’s not lore friendly. Multiplayer and campaign should be TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. When story and cannon start messing with multiplayer it’s when we begin to have problems. It’s bad enough with whole integrated wargames thing since halo 4, trying to splice MP and Campaign together.

I suggested the chopper get added because it was: Effective, fun, and pretty unique as far as halo vehicles go.

I’m on-board with the Brute Pack DLC. Lets make that happen, and I’m baffled that the Hornets not in the game as it is, we have Banshees and Phaetons so it just seems balanced to add a human aerial vehicle.

When they add the Gravity Hammer they should also add in the Brute Shot, Chopper and Spiker! (Brute update?)