They Need to return Match Making Lobbies and All Chat

There is something loss in the exclusion of this legacy feature,

Match Making lobbies we’re that calm moment before action, where you could chat with the folks you would be match up with/against.

Find people you could have a positive repour with, or likewise avoid lobbies that had people who could not enjoy the game with.

Its such a basic community building feature that is shockingly absent.

The Cynic in me think that a reason it was excluded, is that it might trivialize the stupid challenge system.
But Honestly that says more about how terrible the challenges are, than it does about the efficacy of Cross Team chatter.

There is more good that comes from community building, than their does trying to Nickle and Dime the players over the predatory design of the Challenge and Challenge swap systems.


I can’t believe we went from a stripped down version of pre-game lobbies in Halo 5 to absolutely no pre-game lobbies in Halo Infinite

It’s a social feature that has created friendships & has been beloved for over a decade, it’s removal, as well as post-game lobbies, is just …mean

Infinite feels very anti-social and I don’t have the confidence in 343 that we’ll ever see legacy features like this return, it’s a real shame. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


its cause 343i doesnt want the “toxic gamechat” wich was fun… cause no one took it seriously.

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