They need to get rid of weeklies and turn it into a weekly login reward

This game needs to go back to its most appealing point being able to pick up the game set it down as we please and playing for pure enjoyment. This game needs to get rid of weekly challenges for it just turns this game into a dreadful chore every single week there is a reward filled with dreadful challenges. challenges should be for events only make them hard even but they shouldnt turn this game into a horrible experience by forcing us to play game modes we hate or rather not want to play.

We should be able to play whatever we want whenever for the fun and enjoyment of it.

challenges should be kept for events only.


between this and deysnc being fixed these 2 would be major game changers to the state and quality of the game

You can play whenever you want and however you want. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is forcing you otherwise.

Just to entertain your somewhat odd request: wouldn’t this make the game even more of a “chore”? If all you have to do is login once a week, by your logic is incentivizes not even playing a game.


You can 100% do this right now. But instead you want to torturer yourself for every crappy weekly reward.
Clearly you’re only playing to unlock these rewards, that is why you’re asking for them to be unlocked with zero effort. You are not playing for “fun and enjoyment.” You’re playing for cosmetics.


its just a simple login aside people will login to see the weekly store.

Also the weeklies are driven by fomos items half of which people want and have to do their chores to acquire them. but at the end of the day it makes it a dreadful experience. A lot of people dont want to spend or cant spend money on the game and will grind for weeklies other will grind for the likeness of items and not wanting to miss out because weeklies are fomo. Then we have people who love to collect as many things as they can so they try to go for aquiring a majority of weeklies.

But to all these people and many more if they want an item they have to struggle to get them selves onto the game to play and complete these crap weekly challenges that are every single week. Some of which are too drained to even want to think about playing just for fun after.

you have to remember people like cosmetics and want cosmetics and things to customize their spartans with. not everyone is like. MAKE EVERYONE LOOK THE SAME FOR ALL I CARE. Why isnt every spartan one default character with just team colors?

its a big part of appealing to people being able to create your own char

People can log in and see what the weekly reward is too. It’s not like logging in unlocks the store rewards. If that was the deal, than you’d have a point.

FOMO for completionists and not anyone else. Nearly 100% of weekly rewards have been getting dunked on all over the internet for being underwhelming pieces of crap. “These rewards are not giving me an incentive to play the game” are a hot and popular topic in Halo forums all over the web. You’re making this sound like a bigger issue than it is.

Those are called completionists. They choose to go through hell to unlock everything in a game and they know that their goals are not easy. They have been doing this since the NES.

Cool story dude. Quit bringing up what other people might or might not want. YOU said you wanted to “play for the fun and enjoyment.” Which is a complete lie, because everything you keep bring up has nothing-to-little to do with having “fun and enjoyment.”

As for that stupid comment about creating your own character
Infinite’s total combination for Mark V is ~243,702,950,400
Infinite’s total combination for Eaglestrike is ~194,400,000
Infinite’s total combination for Mark VII is ~21,163,161,600,000
Infinites total combinations for Yoroi is ~26,542,080
Infinites total combinations for Rakshasa is ~142,263,475,200
(and still growing week to week)

this includes paid and free options. Even with only free battle pass options, there are over a million combos you can use to look special and stand out from others.


I was responding to him saying that logging in is a chore its almost as lazy as saying moving your arm is a chore

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It’s funny you list all these combinations yet everyone still looks the same.


The capstone challenge is the only thing keeping me playing right now - takes a couple of evenings.

If I just had to login to get the reward I probably wouldn’t play


wouldnt blame you with how bad deysnc is

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343i did say that they were fine with a reward per game played, and not the "play a game " thingy in the quest area.
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I think there is a balance between the current aggravating challenge system and just outright giving the weekly away for zero effort. Main problem with challenges is that they force you to play the game a certain way, not that they exist at all. I feel it’d be better to genericize the challenges to the levels they are in MMC (say “get X headshots” or “complete X matches in any gamemode with a K/D over 1”), and maybe swap the weekly reward to a special token that can be used to unlock any previous reward in order to curb FOMO.


How about…
We just drop the weeklies into the battle pass as well as the event items, extend the battle pass to 200 tiers, and charge an extra 25% price for the entire battle pass?

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Excellent topic OP. I agree in the sense that we want to increase the player count with fear of missing out. But our core and loyal base hates this daily/weekly chore of monotonous gameplay.

This new trial free battle base they mentioned in the recent update is a step in the right direction. But lacks ingenuity and will fail without proper creativity and imagination.

I refuse to play Infinite until customization gets an overhaul related to the original post. Spartan Points in MCC is even getting annoying. I hope something more lasting and defining can help increase Halo’s stature.

Well, how I do it is, look at what the reward is, determine if I want it, if not I play as normal, if I do I focus on on doing challenges as well.

For me i only have 2 left because ost were for the Yappening, so even though not a fan, might as well do them

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been getting worse at this game but then I realized that I play much better when I just play the game instead of the challenges.

I do actually enjoy going for the challenges too (for the most part). I never would have realized how much I like FFA either.