They need to adjust the ranking system true2skill

I’ve been playing for awhile especially in free for all. Games can go either way sometimes. I got all the way to champ 8 and was getting a good amount of csr per win. Then with the true to skill I was only getting one csr a win. I think for a win no matter what mmr is you should still get at least a minimum of 10. It’s not fair that I’ve went from champion 8 to 81. If I come in first I get 0 or 1 csr, second place I get -5 or -7, third I get -11 or -15. It gives me no incentive to play if I can’t ever rank up. Does anyone else feel this way ? I mean a win is a win.

Wins and losses posses differing amounts of informative value regarding your skill based on the skills of your opponents; therefore, no you should not automatically receive some set amount of CSR gain from any/every win because that could lead to rank integrity issues like we’ve previously suffered from. Also, in reference to the Champ ranks specifically, those are simply the top 200 Onyx players within a particular playlists; thus, change in champ positioning is always fluid based on where you’re actual Onyx CSR rank exists in reference to the other high Onyx CSRs players.

Feel free to use the pinned feedback thread in the matchmaking forums if you would like to discuss this further, eel free to link up some games there and Dr. Menke can give you and idea of what was happening with those matches / potentially why they turned out like they did. Also worth reading through the first post of that feedback thread and some of the previous ones for more information on TS2