They need to add playable elites back into the game

Being able to play as elites was fun why don’t they add them back in?


If anything, they should add even more playable races. I’d love an invasion mode with elites, brutes, grunts, etc.


And maybe the infection flood mode

I’m assuming they have resized the Elites for campaign because they are planning to introduce Elites in a future battle pass.


The work involved in 3d models / textures / animations / sounds. It would be huge.

Then the balancing of the sandbox (hitboxes / jump heights).

And finally the killer blow re: armours / coatings / stances / etc.

But one day… I hope the Arbiter returns as a playable character… and from there we may see Elites return to MP.

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Do you think promiathens will be a playable species

yes yes, and yes! as a sangheili prefered species, i’m all for this. like even if the hit box is bigger… who cares? it’s fun to be a split lip

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Ya it would be nice plus older guns and the saw

not the saw… anything but the saw >_>
the saw was a redundant LMG and kinda annoying to fight against

True I guess nerf it a lot

And maybe more maps and more then two grenades to hold

Bruh I’d take just having a feminine spartan model. Kat lookin rough these days

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Unless there is a specific game mode where it’s similar to battlefront in the sense you have to wait longer/perform better for higher tiered units in a covenant vs banished type game mode adding in playable elites would be god awful.

Why elites did nothing to ruin halo I have played every halo and they are the same as Spartans just aliens

And why shouldn’t there be somewhere down the line? I can come up with an endless number of both grounded and “out there” gametypes in which other species can fight against/alongside the Spartans in multiplayer.

All the sweats and competitive players will just complain again like they did with assassinations. Due to the hit box will be too big for elites because of the bigger model. Legit it’s probs why we haven’t had them in years. Also if they did add elites can you imagine how they’ll monetise the sh*t out of it.