they just took out a limited edition exclusiv

for any of those who have just goten on xbox live, youve noticed an awsome countdown, but when you click on it tose who bought the limited eddition will be dissapointed, if you get the limited edtion you will gain exsas to six specializations. your sopposed to be getting them on day one, but according to what they said anyone who plays by nov 20 will get them, ik its not that big of a deal, i just want exclusive to remain exclusive. what do you guys thibk about this?

I think we’ve known about it for some time…and people would’ve gained access to them in future anyway so they were never exclusive to begin with.

There were e-mails sent out about this about 2-3 weeks ago.

Absolute slap in the face to Limited Edition owners.

Old news mate, no-body really cares by now though. By the time most people get to sr50 most will be unlocked anways probs.

old news is old, but still an insult to lie straight to the faces of the LE buyers

This is old news. People have been complaining about it for a while anyways. I don’t see what the big fuss is about myself >_>

This is old, like 65 pages of discussion old.

I wish it would be released publicly a little later on than that.

OP - I’m with you. There two things that should go along with Limited Edition. One, is that it is “limited” and two, that there is some type of “wow” or “so what” factor that makes people really want it. Sad to say that 343i and Microsoft went completely off course on this one.

Very disappointing…

Old as it is, it does kind of suck. But then they did a lot of things wrong in terms of the different editions. Standard with the console, for one, is stupid. Means console users have to open up their box at the counter and trade in their standard editions, un-opened, just to get the LE.

That was the plan, of course, until the LE became pretty much useless.

It’s sad to say, but I don’t even know what I’m getting anymore, and my LE-buying friend hasn’t really got a clue what he’s meant to be getting either. Very sloppy work, and I really hope they learn from this.