they do not raise me by winning

I have won enough games to be able to rise to the rank of Onix, but I do not ascend, I can only descend if I lose and my friends do rise in rank while I can only descend, I need help to be told what is happening.

Winning a match doesn’t always make you go up in rank, you have to do well in the match too.

Make sure you are also doing well in the match it’s not much just winning you also have to have more kills than deaths or be a team player and compete objectives. They do this to stop boosters who have a really good team carry them.

You have to play better than the system expected you to play or your rank won’t move very much.

Chances are, if you aren’t moving up, you hit your true rank. Only way to rank up is simply improve. Which happens over time, depends on how commited you are.