they banned me for xp what do i do?

help i wasn’t cheating

  1. Yea ok sure u weren’t
  2. Post in the why am I banned topic at the top of the page
  3. Just wait it out

i wasn’t i just play a lot look at stats

3k kills- 5k deaths over 500 games

Are you absolutely certain that you got banned and didn’t just hit the daily XP cap?

You have tons of games where you are idling.

Unless you are so bad that you can only get 5 points per game, multiple games in a row.

Ban is 24 hours - 1 week.


this is what the screen says ( This account has been Temporarily banned from earning XP. thats what i see on my sceen

my son ply when I’m at work then i ply son is 4

  1. U should be banned for letting a 4 year old play
  2. That right there is ur reason he’s 4 so he’s bad so they think ur idling

> my son ply when I’m at work then i ply son is 4

Not to tell you how to be a parent or anything…but why is your very young son playing an M rated game made for people 17 and over?

Personally with how expensive the hardware and games are I wouldn’t let anyone that young near my system. Just wouldn’t want to take the chance of something happening.

who can i call about this?
who can i talk to?

> who can i call about this?
> who can i talk to?

Ummmm nobody…cause u have no proof of the 4 year old halo bandit

its his 360 lol but game was for my lol he also ply BF3

Everyone’s excuse is “I let so an so play. While I do such an such.” Stop pushing the blame onto someone else. Making up imaginary story’s and take the punishment for idling. When you get more experience for playing the match. Getting kills, and point and if you win you get even more experience. Also, if you really do have a son. Why the hell would you let him play a MATURE GAME?? Set him up to play Viva Pinata. That’s a fun game to play. Even for some adults. I’m sure it’d be more than enough for a 4 yr old.

I really don’t care, thats not right even if my sons plying thats not right cause other games don’t do this they don’t care how bad you are they won’t ban you, i don’t get it

> my son ply when I’m at work <mark>then i ply son is 4</mark>


No disrespect, but as an uncle to a 3 year old and a 2 1/2 year old niece. I wouldn’t even let them play an M rated game. No wonder why you got banned. Does he even know how to play Halo?

He shouldn’t even be playing Halo, let alone BF3 or whatever else you put him on. The amount of jerks of XBL are enough to scare the living -Yoink- out of your son. They banned you because Halo 4 has a stricter system when it comes to idling, unlike Reach.

Oh and btw, I find it hard to believe you have a son if you type like that, let alone enough old enough to have one. No offense.

lol man sounds lilk you wanna get whipped add me ill show you how to play

> my son ply when I’m at work then i ply son is 4

> its his 360 lol but game was for my lol he also ply BF3

Are you the 4 year old typing now, trying to figure out a way to fix it before your dad comes home haha

always on top when I’m playing

Because Halo IS A COMPETITIVE GAME ONLINE. You ruin people’s matches by sitting still while you do… whatever. They try and punish players that IDLE/boost in matches to try and make it fair for other players. I don’t want to play with some scrub idling for easy EXP. Making me struggle against a To4 while I’m alone. Because you’re too lazy to pick up a controller and play the game.