They are all terrible!!! All of them!!!!

I’m talking about AA’s. Even Sprint. I cannot stand any of them.
Halo 1,2, and 3 were unbelievably great games but reach added AA’s and it has by far done the worst (In terms of population).

My opinion is that all of the AA’s should go even sprint.

Now by the way this is my opinion as well as many others. It does not mean I am right in some I-know-what’s-best-for-everybody way. AA’s are fine for some people and if you want them in, then you are entitled to your own opinion. And that’s fine. Maybe you like AA’s. However, I speak for everybody who wants halo back to the old style. In our opinion, it is the best most competitive and most fair style. This is our opinion. I speak for those people.

Please 343 bring that halo and all of its followers back.

Halo Reach had so many people the first week and after seeing what AA’s brought to the table, the population is now down to a fraction of that first week number. It’s got to say something. That’s got to be reviewed as a possible reason why the game took a nose dive with many.

I only play classic now. I will not play any other playlist but classic. If that playlist was never implemented then i would not be playing reach now.

Please bring back the great memories I had from the previous halos.

Can’t Agree More!


Reach’s player count in less than a year after launch speaks for itself.

There are already hundreds of threads about this. Just post in one of them. BTW I disagree.

Man there are a lot of AA and bloom threads today. Anyways OP, here’s a good thread for you.