They Actually Did It

343 added a Mark VII variant of the ODST helmet called Firefall, and it looks awesome. They must have read my ODST helmet in Infinite being the H3 ODST version post. Thank you 343! I think Firefall should have been the ultimate reward instead of some coating.


It was only a matter of time until they released that leaked helmet.

If you want to see some other cosmetic items without needing leaks, just play against bots and then inspect their team to see some armor assets that you can get further down the line.


It’s not even the H3/ODST model though, just the profile.

The details and greebling are heavily Reach inspired, ultimately leading to a mix of both versions to varying degrees.

Firefall is the best “new” iteration of ODST hands down though, H4/H5’s versions don’t hold a candle to it.

I’m talking about the Mark V (B) version found in Infinite.

So was I

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How did you comment under the 20 char?

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Place text between angle brackets. It can only be letters and numbers, no symbols or spaces.


Lol, works

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There are some interesting helmets coming… Ran into this one a while ago…

Ah Yes… Stormfall - The Mark VII rendition of the GUNGNIR Helmet.
I know it looks doofy right now, but it will have an attachment variant that makes it fully resemble the GUNGNIR helmet.



EDIT - More Leaks



When do they plan on releasing those Christmas Heads and Attachments lol… Next year I guess, seeing as Christmas is well over…

or are they a Staff Exclusive item or something lol.

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Hahahaha, watch out before they ban you for doing that.

The Christmas Stuff was delayed. Originally it was going to be part of the event, but they shortened how many tiers the event pass would have.

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If there was crosscore, that is 49 helmet options for your Spartan. That would be incredible, even if you only had a fraction of that. I would actually be more incentivized to buy stuff if it applied to all cores but I guess they are too ignorant to do that

The eventpass was gonna be more than 10? Duuude, why can’t we have that in all of the events, lol. They probably are going to have those for next year (christmas stuff)

They do have more stuff for Christmas.
For example -

  • Holiday Cheer -

  • Candy Killer -

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Apparently the bots have unreleased armor pieces, and they work. Why doesn’t 343 just release them now? They’re already in the game. I wonder what their explanation for this is.

They want to tease the shop and make it so content is spread out over the season. And since they extended the season, the items are releasing FAR TOO SLOWLY.

The other week it was the same bundles again from a month prior.

If they put all their content out immediately, the fans would complain that nothing new is coming out for the rest of the season.