TheUprising Wants you!

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Who we are: We are TheUprising clan a competitve clan looking for more members to join us in our clan to help us in becoming stronger and better. Most of us are on everyday and we are all in different timezones therefore you will always be able to play with someone in our clan

Requirements: To get in is simple, all you need is 1.0 k/d and above, and also have atleast diamond in your arena rankings, once you’ve got in contact with me or any other higher ups we will play 3 games with you. one slayer, one breakout and one team arena, if we think you’re worthy then we will accept you into the clan

Our Mission/What We’ll do for You: Our mission in TheUprising is to make the player reach their maximum potential, help them find their weaknesses and them help them improve on them to make the player nearly flawless. We wish to help anyone and everyone bring them to a standard where they compete in clan battles and know how to win encounters easily. We will help every member where they need, helping them learn callouts, how to win encounters efficiently and learn how to strafe in close range and long range. We will make sure it stays in your head and that you will know/do them without hesitation.
I hope to speak to anyone soon, thanks, Leon.