These recent forum posts are making me want to stay away form here

cause I see feedback that is good and constructive and then most of the time I toxicity I haven’t seen a while adn it makes me not want to come here to talk halo in the past that was the opposite but now I cant go 5 or 10 posts down with outing seeing toxicity I get it the pass progression sucks -Yoink!- but the fix for it is being worked on and so could be a fix for the core resections and store prices (thought hat maybe be a longer wait) and how to earn stuff without paying just ease up 343 hears all of this they take what is being said and use it for upcoming fixes but this ‘dont let up keep it hard’ leads to more negative feedback then anything else so please just THINK before you post cause I want this game to be amazing and the gameplay is amazing just try to give more constructive and positive feedback and a little less on the negative feedback cause until then aside form replies to this im stayign away from this cesspool of toxic feedback


I’m with you on this. I throw my two cents in here and there, but I try not to get angry since I’m playing a game, games are supposed to be fun and I am indeed having fun. It’s the most fun I’ve had in Halo gameplay wise for a long time, so I’m chill.

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exactly its fun but these posts about the obvious issues are so voerwhelimg it sucks the fun out so a break from this gets my sprits for ifninte back in order

Precisely why I try to defend infinite. But then i get called slurs and bullied for not harrassing 343. I’m jus tryin to boost the environment.

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see what I mean theres so much toxicity here that you try to post constructive feedback you get called ‘the problem’ when in reality we want the same goal this game to be a blast but they think we slow it down while they think they are making it better why I just stay way from here cause it just sucks the fun out for me

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The posts that actually provide constructive feedback gets looked past and drowned out by posts calling 343 “the most evil company to ever exist”

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thats the sad part I like seeing those as they provide somthign we can agree needs fixing but then gets down by the people think that 343 is jus greedy and cant change their mind about it its a sad state of the Internet if toxicity is the trending thing when it really really shouldn’t


Don’t make fools dislike something you like. Make constructive feedback and people with that as well will pay attention to it. I have a lot of ideas for solutions to problems without completely trashing Halo infinite but it doesn’t get much traction.

you cant call people slurs here, everything your saying is exaggeration.

its the state of the Internet where somthign postive to fix somthgin is frowned on and toxicity is more trending I hate how backwards that is

You should defend them but it can look bad sometimes. Instead, give more constructive well thought out feedback and people will respond better to that.

I am with you bro, I was ranked high in old Waypoint and loved discussing with all of you about theories, ideas, feedback, reporting bugs, fun montages, and creative content.
Now I literally have to dodge all this hate. Like they gotta get outta here

That’s easier said then done my friend the best option I have to me is a break from the forums and just play get my mind off it

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Imagine defending a studio that removed multiplayer to milk the halo community for max $$$ by ripping out past core features and old amors and simple colors to sell to you. Then selling single player for $60 and I can’t believe this is a thing WITHOUT co-op. Halo 1 had co-op… I’m sorry no matter how good the gameplay is 343 deserves all the criticism. Its more toxic to me how aggressively they are trying to pull every last dollar out of us for 0 value.

Yeah, with all of the toxicity towards 343 and other community members I feel like I’d be better off bathing in bleach in a radioactive bathtub. It’s insane how fast people will yell without thinking first and it honestly makes me pretty sad to see it.

So you’re upset because there is an option to buy a jpeg that has absolutely no impact on gameplay? Neat.

No I’m upset that Microsoft is trying to milk me for basic features that have been in halo since the . And why would I pay a single dime for reach armor or any armor that was in previous halo’s. Do t worry your the perfect consumer for this game! Please navigate to the shop and buy the color blue! Oh and enjoy our 3 game modes! Don’t worry 343 will finish the game in the next 8 months be patient!!

Ok then don’t buy it.

So like I said you’re mad about jpegs? You don’t even see your character during gameplay so what’s it matter. If the main complaint of a game is god forbid cosmetics in a shop then that’s not too bad. If you don’t agree with it don’t play the game but I bet you still will.

Ok then how about the gutted MP with only 4 modes no service record no ranking system lmao and with 0 co-op on the campaign? I. Your desperate attempt to defend 343 is pretty sad. And your wrong I won’t buy it… I will get game pass trial for $1 and beat the campaign and never touch it again since there’s No Co-op which has been a basic feature since halo 1 lol! This game has amazing bones….but that’s all it is :confused: keep shilling for 343 and Microsoft it’s free PR XD