These forums are dead, feels like an apocalypse happened

The fact even the forumns have had this huge decrease in activity just shows halo is losing alot of people.

There are so many issues for players from performance and system issues, lack of content such as game modes and maps. We have limited customisation, most is behind paywalls and non cross compatible.

While i do think infinite could be one of the best halos it will take years to get there, and i feel that would be years to late.

Im no game programmer, at most iv just done abit of coding in games but is adding game modes that complex? Like adding infection? And is making coastings and visors crosscores hard?

Maybe someone disagrees and can explain but everything feels slow and limited, maybe its because theres so little communication happening but this game feels slow, especially for a live service one.


I came across this video over the weekend, along with the Halo multiplayer lead stepping down from 343i.

He makes some valid points about Microsoft releasing good games on a subscription based service vs bad games that are FTP…


Today’s monday.

People gotta work on Monday.


I mean for like the past few weeks odd, been getting slower and slower as time goes on and not just during weekdays


Elden Ring came out and almost hit a million concurrent on steam this weekend! Can’t imagine what it’s like on consoles! Can this forum become the unofficial elden ring forum now? Would be a lot more interesting!


Oh well, I don’t know then. However, I should note that the forum population doesn’t represent the actual in-game population.

Destiny 2 exploded in popularity when Witch Queen came out, like the game had a server waiting queue for a couple of days, but the forums relatively stayed the same.

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Having experienced four major Halo launches on Waypoint, I can tell you there is nothing out of the ordinary about a huge decrease in forum activity. As a rule of thumb, people generally care about the forums for one reason: to tell how terrible the game is. With every launch, the forums get an influx of new and old people telling how bad X is or how Y ruins the game. That goes on for a while, but since most people don’t have any interest in discussing Halo beyond venting frustrations, eventually they get bored and leave.

The forums will never hold the interest of most people in the long run, regardless of how popular Halo is. That’s always been true, and it is more true now with the rise of massive content aggregator platforms like Reddit and decline of traditional independent forums. I’m not even sure what’s the point of trying to correlate forum activity with popularity of Halo, because it’s not like we don’t have the actual population statistics to look at.

On a personal note, I prefer the forums slow anyway. Less activity means less people who don’t actually care about the forums, which means better discussion. I tend to have less desire to post in the post-launch period, because there’s frankly just so much straight-up garbage around.


I miss the old waypoint, these forums are so depressing, full of negativity and despair.
No statistics, no sense of belonging.
Where´s my bio? where are the companies/clans?
so sad, so empty this waypoint


People will always complain regardless, and while its true the halo “honeymoon” phase is over im still surprised at the little activity on it.

Maybe im different as i prefer more people, it gives a wider range of opinions. While having a few members is good for back and fourth debate it can get very limiting, for example i was curious what people’s favourite maps are and which ones would want to be seen remade in forge and while it got some good comments it had very little comments in comparison to if i would of posted a month ago.

Im not saying the games dying or that its even a bad game, was just saying these forums are slow for infinite. Personally if i had infection id be happier, still dont like the customisation but at least id have a couple of my favourite playlists while waiting for forge

Im not saying it is, i dont think halo is dead and i do think this will be a top tier halo game. Just gonna take time.

Admittedly iv never been on halo forums much before infinite but compared to other forums it seems slow traffic and you see about 50members, or if im counting the really active people like you its very little lol

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343 aren’t demonstrating that they are listening to feedback and working on real problems. For every issue they address, there are 10 they ignore. There are enormous foundational problems with the game that have either received no comments or comments that are effectively “nah, it’s fine”.

It’s more of the same tone-deaf incompetent arrogance that has been their MO for 10 years.

They have been sitting on feedback for 6+ months about foundational problems with the game (e.g. challenge system, customization, player collision, social features, BTB balancing, etc) that they have done nothing about. So why bother coming on here to give feedback or discuss?


Forums are dying because theres no communication from 343, and people are just giving up and moving on.
How long can you vent on a forum when you realize this game is dead?
General discussion has been dead for a long while now, but the infinite game section is pure salt.
Justified imo
Its pretty much the same on reddit, and there you really express how you feel.


Ya I’m done with the game. My friends have all uninstalled it and moved on to other games. As soon as another game comes out that needs space, HI will get removed from my Xbox.

343 can’t seem to grasp that erratic High Ping in a FPS shooter with no ability to control it (i.e. letting us pick what Server we play on) means I have zero interest in playing the game. Very tired of having 250 ms ping times in some matches, then the next one is 25 ms.

I’m in Western Canada and the 250 ms games usually have cyrillic or German gamer tags on xbox. Are they trying to tell me Canada is part of Eastern Eurpope?


Garbage? I see some forums that weren’t being mean at all and some one else decided thay didn’t like there options so they break your site rules to get the forum locked down.


Maybe if there were more good things coming from Infinite, the discussions would be a little more productive.


Some bad decisions were made with this sequel. But everything has come to an end. When you look on other major releases this feels like a trend. We as a player have no value anymore.

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I miss the Universe forum during the pre and post halo 4 era. So much lore discussion and speculation. Even if you didn’t like 343’s choices there was much discussion on the merits of various ones. Books had a lot of engaging conversations going on.

Now its full of “tell us about your X” fanfics, posts that should be in the General or Infinite forum. Most actual lore discussions seem to be mostly just complaints.

But i guess that happens when 343 reworks the plot 3 times in a decade. There’s no consistency or any reason to believe new lore matters.

343 killed the lore with each game they dropped. We can’t speculate accurately right now because we don’t know what’s happening in the Halo universe anymore. Banished are now somehow a super power from seemingly NO WHERE, Covenant has went from psychotic religious fanatics in Halo 4 into mercenaries without a purpose in Infinite, taking up arms purely because Atriox said some hypocritical words to them. There’s something worse then Flood but what we saw from the Endless was pathetic and didn’t invoke fear at all, looked more like some paraplegic species trying it’s best to survive, they hardly seemed like a threat with their flying Wizard of Oz monkeys and the old lady known as The Harbinger.

The Covenant, The Flood, The Harbinger, The Forerunners, The Banished, The Endless, The Weapon… The this, The that, The them… can these writers come up with anything fresh and new or is the next game gonna be titled “The Halo”?

We can really only talk about the Endless(which we hardly got any information to go on), the Banished, and where is the Infinity and the rest of the galaxy, including the Created/Prometheans, Swords of Sanghelios, Lord Hood, etc. This is the only speculation gamers can actively engage in that isn’t some sort of theory conspiracy dug up from pretty glyphs on some stone in the middle of a random map. There just isn’t much to speculate on anymore that wouldn’t borderline on becoming a full blown FANFiciton.

And who knows, maybe 343 will get writers block again, and retcon the whole Halo franchise all over again like they did with Infinite’s “spiritual reboot.”

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Yeah its sad. Halo lore used to be such an interesting topic, but now its just lifeless junk that just goes wherever 343 thinks will save the franchise this time.

Halo 4 era lore felt so passionate on their part, even if it was a bit misguided and not well communicated. Now its just marketing drivel making somehow the same mistakes they did before but with none of the spirit.

I never thought I’d be saying this, but I wish chief had just stayed in cryo at the end of h3 and what happened to him was up to the player’s imagination. Bungie’s halo had its fair share of plot oddities too, but it was a nice clean, concise package, rather than this repeated beating of a dead horse.

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Tact Apocalypse happened.